Sunday, September 06, 2009

fun on a Saturday

A couple of weekends ago, Mike had his annual gig at Beachaven Winery.
He plays with the Clarksville Jazz Quintet about once a year.
He's been friends with these guys since right after high school.
CJQ was the very first band to play at Jazz on the Lawn, their monthly outdoor event.
Jazz on the Lawn got started in 1988 (the year I graduated from high school).
Mike was 22 at the time. He has played there every year for 21 years.
It's so funny because someone was talking to him about this while he was there.
They said...."you were only a child then, right? You didn't play with them."
He said - "No! I was here!" They thought he was about 28 now. He gets that at least once a week which cracks us up.

My sister, Caroline and I went together. We had a blast and danced the night away.
I think we were the only ones there drinking only diet coke. heehee

Here are some of my favorite pics...(click to enlarge)...

He has one more gig there this year, it's Saturday, October 24th with the Richard Griffin Quintet.
It's a mix of R&B and Jazz. If anyone wants to join us - we'll be there. It's free!

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