Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy weekend!

Went up to Bowling Green, KY to celebrate Tiffany's birthday yesterday.
I got her this snazzy monogrammed bag, filled with all kinds of little happies.
I got her some Spook Alley by MM, some Jenni products I picked up from her and some chocolate of course!
I also got her a little "friend" charm. We both have a charm bracelet and love to add to it.

We had lunch at Cheddars - always a fave.
Then we hit the road for a trip to Scrapbook Village in Glasgow.
I had not been there in YEARS! It's still a pretty good store. Very "theme" oriented though.

I was excited to snag the new small Ali Edwards stamps by Technique Tuesday. Yay!!!!!
That was the number one thing I was looking for.
I've already made a card with them!
Today was Pastors Appreciation Day at church so I made this card for our Senior Pastors.
Here are some pics of what I bought... After Scrapbook Village, Tiff and I stopped at a store called Mighty Dollar in Bowling Green.
I asked Tiff if there was a dollar store and she didn't tell me they had scrapbook stuff!
They had TWO AISLES of fabulous scrap stuff - some of which I had bought recently for full-price.
I went nuts!!! I got the letter stickers, rub-ons, brads and Daisy D's rub-ons for $1 each!
I'm going to wait a couple of months and drive back up there just for this store. Love it!
After we were there, I remembered my friend Jennifer telling me about it a while ago but I had forgotten.

So check out these awesome little pockets I found at Scrapbook Village.
I'm making a tiny little book to put in my purse at Disney World.
It will hold our itinerary for the day, confirmation numbers, etc.
I'm going to put these pockets in to hold receipts as I gather them.
What can I use the tiny ones for? Ideas? We leave two weeks from today! Woo-hoo!

Caroline is sick with a cold so we missed church, unfortunately.
Hope your weekend is going great!
Blog ya later!


Sarah said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Tracie! I had a great time hanging out with you. :) Thanks too for taking a pic of my present before I opened it; I've imported that pic into my folder at home, so I can scrap it when I get around to my birthday. Lol! Love the blog you introduced me to as well -- I've been reading and watching in my spare time.