Saturday, October 24, 2009


So I went to the last soccer game this morning at 9:30 am.
It was lightly raining and oh...about 45 degrees and windy.
I. was. so. cold. Shiver-me-timbers, I'm cold now just thinkin' about it.

We went for a celebratory lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. (Too expensive. Last time.)
Came home and went right to bed.
Dozed off. Heard the studio door slam. Wake up.
Dozed off again. "Mama! Are you awake?" Pretending to sleep. "Mama?" She goes away.
Dozed off again. Loud "click!" The bathroom door is shut too hard by Caroline.
Laid there for 2 hours, trying to go back to sleep and she's quiet for the most part.
No sleep for me. Laying there. Laying there. Laying there.
Got in the guest room bed that Mike had just gotten out of. He left it warm.
Dozed off again when I hear him leave. About five minutes later. I mean it....

This is my life. I laid in bed for three hours and she woke me up four times.
So now it is 10:05 pm and I have lacked the energy to lift a finger today but I must.
I must do dishes and wash Mike's jeans before he comes home and kills me.

This is my life.
Hope tomorrow's more well-rested. I think an Ambien is in my future around midnight.

But you can you stay mad at this face?.....
(Taken at a pumpkin patch a few days ago. I love it.)

Of course I fussed at her and told her that I was trying to sleep and she kept waking me up.
I said, "Have you ever heard me talk about my sleep issues?" (Daily.)
She said...."No."

Yep. This is my life.

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