Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How's 2010 treatin' ya?

Okay...regrouping here.
I'm going to try and update my blog regularly again.

I hope everyone is doing well. We've had kind of a rough start this year.
January was dreadful.
We had one crisis after another but thankfully February has been much better.
We've had a LOT of snow (see picture above) but it's been fun and nice to stay at home.

One of my New Year's Goals is to cook every weeknight and so far, I'm doing great!
I've cooked every weeknight in February and Mike is LOVING it.

I've decided to do the following schedule:
TUESDAY - Chicken
WEDNESDAY - Soup (Cold Weather) or Cold Dinner (Warm Weather)
FRIDAY - Breakfast for Dinner with Left-Overs on Saturday morning

Tonight I made a Taco Ring, ala Pampered Chef and it was delish.
Tomorrow night I'm making Baked Potato Soup. Can't wait!
I'm going to try and take some picture of my meals so I can make a recipe book.

On the creative side, I'm almost finished with my December Daily album.
I wasn't able to work on it really at all in January.
My plan was to get it finished the week after Christmas and then I didn't do it.
Big mistake!
If I ever attempt another one, I will do it weekly and then finish immediately after Christmas.
Anyway, I really love it and hope to post the finished product soon.

Well.....gotta get the girl in bed. We just watched two episodes of Andy. Love it!

I hope you are all doing well!
Blog ya later (soon, I promise!).

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Linda.B said...

I love reading your blog and have missed you. Glad to see you are well. Great job on cooking every night. I really need to do that too.

Linda B