Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well....some of my friends that pack kits for Jenni Bowlin got together at her house last night to crop.
My best friend Tiffany went along with me and we had a blast chatting it up on the way.
I was all set to be productive and had a bag stocked with several months worth of Jenni's kits.
I had card-making supplies, stamps and a class project in case I wanted to work on those.

So we started at 3 pm and I tried my best but I could not concentrate on cropping!
I don't think I can scrapbook with people around me! Is that weird?
I have everything I need at home and I rely heavily on my printer to start a page.
Plus, I see these gals about once or twice a month and I wanted to chat!
Well I guess my brain can only focus on one thing at a time. heehee

So I made two crappy cards that I will probably throw away and started a layout that's blech.
I'm going to try and come up with a strategy for my scrapping.

I made two pages in 2009. TWO PAGES! That's just pitiful.
I have GOT to do better than that!

I'm thinking maybe I'm just OVER making layouts. The desire has left me.
Maybe I should just make compilation pages for each month of the year for all the years that I haven't scrapped.
Is that crazy?
That would leave me with plenty to do because we're talking 5 years or so that I haven't done.

Then, if I had a topic near and dear to my heart, I could make a mini-album.
I have about 50 blank "ready to be used" mini-albums.

What do you think?
Is anyone else bored with layouts and do you just not scrap or do you try to re-evaluate your prospective?

The other problem is all my unprinted pictures! I have like 5,000 pictures that need to be printed.
I just want to enjoy those.
I used to have all my pictures organized in albums before I scrapped.
I wish I would have kept that up and just pulled out the ones that I wanted to scrap.

Advice please!!!!!

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Amanda said...

Like I had scrap block all year too so I started to digitally scrap but I dont use photo shop i use power point 2007 its fun easy and I get more done now even though i thought I would hate going digital.