Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the drama of my life

I haven't blogged lately because it seems like there is nothing exciting to tell.
So I guess I'll just update you on some drama I've had going on.

I have an Epson Picturemate printer that I absolutely love.
I got it two years ago and my husband paid $150 for it for my birthday gift.
Well it worked right for about a year and then everytime I would use it after that, it was funky.
I realized the print heads were clogging and to run a cleaning cycle, it would take the entire ink cartridge.
A cartridge which costs $40! I did that a few times and finally complained to Epson.
They sent me a replacement cartridge and it worked right.
Then I waited a few months to use it again and the same problem happened all over.
So something is wrong with it. I called Epson and they told me I had waited too long and basically I'm out of luck.
So it's going in the trash.
Not happy about that.

So I ordered a Canon Selphy printer after reading extensive reviews online.
Everyone seemed to love it!
I have two Canon cameras I adore and a great Canon printer I use daily.
So it seemed like a good fit for me.
It is not good.
The print quality is just not up to my standards.
I am so used to the print quality of the Epson Picturemate that the Canon failed to measure up.
Well unfortunately, because I opened the test pack of ink/prints that came with it, I couldn't return it!
So I was out $50 for the machine.
Then I ordered two ink packs for it from somewhere else that will have to be returned.

So I listed the Canon Selphy on Craigslist.
Well almost immediately, someone from Arizona wants to buy it for $50.
I was shocked.
They are buying it for their friend, who is a missionary in West Africa!!
It is costing $68 to ship it to Africa and they are fine with that.
They are also buying a $30 print pack that I was going to have to return.
So, now I have one small package to return and I will be paid back entirely for the Canon.
Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

I'm throwing the Epson Picturemate in the trash today and I'm spreading the word
everywhere I can go and review it that it is a piece of junk.
Epson sold me a defective product and because I did not let them know soon enough, they will not stand behind it.

Very frustrating but at least God blessed me with a sale for the Canon.

I'm over printing pictures at home.
Over it.
I just ordered my first order from Shutterfly. I am anxious to see the quality
Last week or so, I got a huge order from mpix.com and it was horrible.
They "color-corrected" it and they were all dark. Super dark.
I told them and they reprinted them and they came back great.
But a little "dull" if that makes sense.

I've got to find a printer that will work great for me and be consistent.

So that's the drama of my life!

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Sarah said...

I guess at this point I shouldn't tell you that I had a Selphy I would have given you to try out...huh. :) I just don't think the home printer technology exits that will satify those of us who really prefer quality prints. It's just not there yet.