Thursday, March 11, 2010

for sale

I just bought a Canon Selphy ES30 photo printer for $50 on Amazon.
It is normally around $150 but they have an upgraded model and one store had this for $50.
Everyone else is still selling it for $150+ - even

I bought it because my Epson Picturemate had some issues.
Now Epson is going to work with me on my issues and I need to return the Selphy.
Problem is, I used 2 of the 5 test prints that come with it and the place won't take it back.
It is all brand new, in the box, barely used, came in today.

I have a package of 100 prints and ink that normally costs $40 - I got it for $30 including shipping.

I am selling the machine for $40 and the ink for $25, just so I can get some of my money back. I don't mind taking a loss if someone else can use the machine.

So for $65, you will get a $150+ machine and 100 prints and ink.

This would be a great photo printer for a kid, a relative with a point and shoot or someone who takes a lot of pictures but never prints them out. A great grandparent gift or even great for an office/preschool.

I have it on Craigslist so let me know soon if you're interested.
I'll even deliver it locally for free. :)

Anyone interested?

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