Thursday, March 25, 2010


Okay I hope no one used my pot roast recipe to cook a pot roast because I am insane.
I have successfully cooked two things in my slow cooker....Pot Roast and Pinto Beans.
I cooked a roast last week and a couple of days ago, I was thinking about cooking beans.
I got to really thinking about how much water I would use and how long I would cook them.
I was thinking, "Isn't it 6 cups of water and 6 hours on high?"
In all actuality, it was supposed to be ONE CUP OF WATER, 2 hours on High and 4 on Low.
I found a post on Facebook from several weeks ago confirming it.
I had both written down but when I went to do the roast, I was like, "I'll wing it."

Bad choice!
If you haven't cooked in 18 years, don't wing it. Write things down. Then read them.

I've corrected it below. The roast was fine but now that I think of it, did seem overdone.
No wonder it was so done after 5 hours on HIGH. It only needed to be on High 2 hours.
The first time, it was done but I think 3 hours on High and then 3 on low would be fine too.
It needs to cook an equivalent of 8-10 hours on low, according to the recipe I have.
Every hour on High is like 2 on low. So 4-5 on high. So maybe I didn't screw it up too bad.
Wow. I crack myself up sometimes.

I'm taking pictures of my meals and making a recipe album so maybe this won't happen again!

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