Monday, May 31, 2010

new card set

Hi blogger friends. Sorry it has been so long!

I thought I would share a set of cards I made last week. I gave these to a friend so that she can give them away to people who have blessed her. I made one to give her as a card and six cards in the set I gave her as a gift.

These were made with a piece of floral Making Memories paper that I have been hoarding. I've loved this pattern for years and thankfully had two of it so I sacrificed one piece!

I also used a fabulous new brush set by Kristina Werner that I bought from Two Peas. It comes with four digital brushes/sayings. You can use them as a .png file in Microsoft Word. I just opened them, made them a tiny bit smaller and printed on my beloved kraft cardstock. I started each card with a kraft base. I buy my kraft bases and envelopes in a huge pack at Hobby Lobby so I don't mind giving them away.

Here they are! Enjoy!This one uses a Jenni Bowlin butterfly from her recent line...
The green gingham paper was a piece from another line with a strip of cats on it, I cut those off and tossed 'em!
I ran the kraft card base through my Cuttlebug before I started this one, then popped up the middle section on foam dots.
That green gingham is not by Making Memories but the color matched perfectly. Love that!
Ran this green piece through the Cuttlebug and then sanded the dots down to reveal the core.
This was the card I gave to her with a note inside. She can take the pin off and wear it.
I love these so much that I'm considering using my last piece of this floral to make another set for myself! I really should make a layout so I can enjoy looking at it longer. I think this might be my favorite floral paper I've ever bought. If you have any you want to purge, I'll take it!! :)

Peace out!


Brenda Johnston said...

Ooh, I love these cards! Especially the last one with the pin! And thanks for your comment . . . that was funny! : )

Dawn said...

These are beautiful!