Monday, November 15, 2010

December Daily

Last year I got so excited about making a December Daily album. Working on was the most fun I have ever had scrapbooking because it was a "hodge-podge" style which is a complete change from my normal style. I took all the pictures and wrote journaling but then didn't get started on putting it all together until mid-January. I worked on it for several weeks and finally let it sit unfinished for the remainder of the year. I knew I would get re-motivated around this time. I am determined to finish it up this weekend! Here it is, in it's sad little state of unfinishedness....
This year, I am more determined to stay on top of it and actually put my pages together on a daily basis. I already have the foundation for my 2010 December Daily laid out and I'm making sketches.

Here's the album cover in progress. I'm still deciding on how to finish it....
I want it to say "Countdown to Christmas" and possibly the year. I've been moving around pieces of paper on top for days. I'm so indecisive.

Last year, I went with vintage style Santas and all cream papers and accents. Scenic Route, October Afternoon, K&Co. and other vintage style images all worked well together. This year, I decided to use up some of my bright papers and more whimsical embellishments. I pulled together this pile and I'm loving it so far. I've had some of these things for YEARS. SOOOO glad to be using them!

I'm making a lot of interactive elements this year like pages that open up, pull-out tags, pockets, etc.
The pages will be a mix of sizes but the largest and most common page size will be 6" tall by 8" wide.
I'm using a 6x6 American Crafts D-ring binder but without the protectors.
I can easily fit a 6x8 page in it and this works well to put two 4x6 vertical pics side by side if I so desire, which I plan to!
Also, I plan to make all my foundation pages and numbers and keep them in a pile and then add them on after the page is complete.
I feel like this will allow me more flexibility than if I have actually number each day and it's a done deal.

I just need to finish last year's before I can really get started on this one.

I will share every page in last year's this weekend when I get it finished!
I want to get both of these done by 12/1, along with an advent calendar project I'm working on and a banner for my house.

It feels good to have craftiness underway around here!


Chelle said...

It's adorable!!!

Maureen F. said...

Great choice of colors !!!

Lou said...

Tracie, lovely looking album, I will definitely be checking back here to see this album's progress.
Great choice of papers and colours.

Rosie said...

So sweet!

Kimmy said...

Happy happy happy colors and album. Looks great. ~ kimmy

cinnibonbon said...

It's looking good!!! And yes it does feel great to get creative.

jawebbtn said...

I'm so excited about this project! Thank you for inspiring me!