Tuesday, June 14, 2011

managing my time

I had a thought this week that in order to prioritize my life better - I should make a pie chart of my time.
Yes - I'm that nerdy!

I feel like in my heart, I know where my priorities lie but the reality is not always the same.
I know most of my time should be spent on being a good Mom and wife.
The second most important thing should be homeschooling.
Thirdly should be my part-time job at the church which is supposed to only be 11 hours a week.
After that comes all the rest.

Unfortunately, I often spend most of my time on my job and "all the rest" and my top 2 priorities fall by the wayside.

So I made a pie chart. Here it is...

I think I have a good 12 hours of productive time a day (from about 10 am to 10 pm).
So that gives me 72 hours a week because Sunday really is just about resting & church.
So 72 hours a week (12 hours a day) makes the breakdown this:

40% - Wife-Mom-Housekeeper - 28.8 hours a week = about 5 hours a day
I would say that's correct if you count laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, cooking, cuddling, instructing my child, getting her dressed, making sure she's fed, bathed, clothes ironed, talking to husband, organizing, etc.

25% - Homeschooling - 18 hours a week = 3.6 hours, 5 days a week
That sounds EXACTLY right!

15% - Work as Pastoral Assistant - 10.8 hours a week
I work 6 hours at the church on Thursdays so that leaves me 5 for the rest of the week which is about an hour a day. I should be able to get my duties done in that time each week. If I go over, I consider it "volunteering for Jesus" but I want to balance it more. It's out of balance right now and can easily consume my life when I allow it to because there's always so much to be done!

5% - Cards Instructor - 3.6 hours a week = 14 hours a month
If you count the actual class time plus the creating, buying supplies and prep...this is about right. But I know for sure that the payoff on this is worth the time. I get to be creative and get paid for it!!

5% - Girl Scout Troop Leader - 3.6 hours a week
We have a 2 hour meeting weekly so I need to spend more time planning and up my game as a GS Leader! The other leaders are showing me up!

5% - Free Time - 3.6 hours a week - around 45 minutes a day
Okay....here lies the problem. That's about 45 minutes a day I should be allowing myself to get online for fun, read a book or watch TV. Problem is, once I get online, I end up staying online for hours!! So I either need to have days (Saturdays/Sundays) where I don't get online at ALL or I need to do it once in the afternoon. Part of my job is getting online and answering e-mails and I find myself surfing around the net (do people still say that?) in between business thoughts. I will do better!!! I would really rather read a book than be online so if I have free time every day, that's how I need to spend it. I don't need to mindlessly surf the web for 45 minutes a day, right?

5% - Bettering Myself - 3.6 hours a week - around 45 minutes a day
Okay so this is the other one I need to work on. If I could put this into place in my life - I would exercise 30 minutes a day and spend at least 15 minutes reading the Bible daily. 15 minutes of focused study would truly make a difference in my life and the exercise is not really something I can go without any longer. I need to strategize on this one.

So I feel better now that I have a plan!
I think I will make myself a copy of this to remind myself of how I want to divide my time and post it on the fridge.

This is my year to take control of my life, my home and my time!


Mike Claiborne said...

That's great! Very few people actually take control of their lives. If you don't then life takes control of you!

dhill said...

Very good idea to make a personal time mgmt pie chart! I will be waiting to see if this ends up helping you be more time conscious and effecient. One tip I have comes from personal experience, from times when I was having to make every second count. I bought a clip-on timer and used it daily (for limiting tv or internet surfing). That little timer became my best tool to using my time more wisely. :-)

dhill said...

Sorry for the typo...