Monday, June 13, 2011

my life is like a Dollar General Market.

Or at least I want it to be.
Allow me to explain.

We have a very nice store here in town.
It's the Dollar General Market.
Much nicer than a regular DG. Larger but still on the small side, store-wise.

They recently spruced it up and I went in this weekend.
I love that place!
The thing I love about it is this:
They carry "just enough" products.
Just enough of something for me to choose from but not so much that it overwhelms me.
They carry the name brands I love but also DG Brand and it's all very affordable.
Take dishwasher tabs for example. I needed some. I went to the area where they were.
To my delight - they had the top two tabs that I like and both were priced cheaply.
I picked the one I liked better and was on my way.
I don't know if it's the Store Buyer or what, but somebody is making good choices there!

Did you know that having more choices in life often overwhelms us until we do nothing?
That's how I feel about Walmart. I avoid it because it is overwhelming. DG Market, I can get in and out quickly. Time is money people!

So I walked out (smiling) thinking,
"This place is organized and well-thought out. That's how I want my life to be."

I want to have just enough stuff in my house to give me enjoyment but not enough to overwhelm me.
I want my life to be organized and effective and colorful.
I want things to be convenient and well-planned.
I want to be EFFECTIVE and make people smile and feel good.

It's my kind of place that DG Market. Maybe I should buy stock.

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jawebbtn said...

very well said! I need to check it out!