Wednesday, December 28, 2011

one little word

Inspired by Ali Edwards “One Little Word,” I am attempting to choose a word for 2012. One word that defines where I want to go in life is hard to choose. I asked myself, “So what is it I want to accomplish in 2012 that I haven’t accomplished yet?” The answers are:

- Put the holiday junk-fest of food behind me and get back to 90% less sugar & walking every day.
- Drink more water.
- Vitamins every day.
- Stay on top of my housework so it never overwhelms me.
- Be craftier. Make mini-albums. Make cards. Make something with all my stuff.
- Be more “in the moment” with my daughter instead of being distracted while we’re together.
- Really focus on homeschooling – art, music, Bible. Be the teacher God has called me to be.
- Way LESS technology – computer free days – limited internet time every day.
- Date nights with my husband at least once a month. Cherish my time with him.
- Cook at least 3 times a week…something healthy and good for my family.
- Never miss prayer meeting or church service. Be even more thankful for what God has given me.

In the world that I want for myself – I see myself getting up early, eating a good breakfast, focusing on Caroline’s school for an hour or two, doing a little housework, creating something in the afternoon, going for a long walk, cooking a healthy meal, enjoying talking to my husband over dinner and getting in bed early. That is the life I want. I don’t think it includes getting on the internet as much as I do now and probably very little television.

So after listing all of these things – I see that it is all about choices I make. Every choice I make adds up to the overall picture of my life.

So my one little word is CHOICES. With God’s help - I will make better choices in 2012.

What’s your “one little word?”

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