Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Does anyone else still have their Christmas decorations up?
Mike brought one box down to encourage me to start packing up, but really, I don't think I'm ready yet.
I love the glow of Christmas lights in a dark room.
I'm waiting for my December pics to come in to work on my December Daily so in a way, I want to keep them up while I work on that.
Maybe I won't feel so weird working on a Christmas album with all my decorations surrounding me.

I really love the red and green combination in my house.
I'm working towards red being the accent color in every room of my downstairs. Red is my favorite.

Here are some pictures of my house this year...

My favorite collection....snowmen! Love these little guys all lined up together on my Den mantel.
My Nutcracker collection in the Living Room....this is where we "have Christmas." :)
Looking in the other direction. This armoire holds 30+ albums, some empty, all scrapbooks.
Close-up of mantel, I hate to throw that bow away - it turned out great this year.
My Dining Room - I just covered the chairs in a delightful green pattern. $10 for all 4 chairs!
Maybe I'll take everything down Sunday afternoon. My husband has a gig so I'll be left to my own devices.

Hope your week has been happy. I'll be back soon with a crafty post - promise!


Chelle said...

Breathtaking! Looks like your house could be in a magazine.

Anonymous said...

Missing you at Two Peas!!

Christi said...

Love that you have two mantels to display your collections. The JOY banner is great. Don't throw away the bow! I save them in a ziploc bag to use year after year (mostly because I'm bow tying impaired so I resort to reusing instead. LOL)

Briana Johnson said...

oh goodness, your home is BEAUTIFUL! I love your furniture choices!

Anonymous said...

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