Sunday, March 25, 2012

a little organizing

Yesterday I decided to break out my Silhouette Cameo. Yep - I was finally gonna do it. I decided first things first...I need to make a place for it. I started moving things around on my wall of cubes to completely clear off the desk and start fresh. (Okay, I was really procrastinating prepping for my cards class this Tuesday. You got me.)

I moved out the farthest cube which holds my cardstock and lo and behold - it had black mold underneath it! Yikes!!! I promptly yelled for Mike to come and see and we were both horrified. Obviously, when we got our carpet cleaned in, get this, January 2009, I failed to let it dry thoroughly before putting my cubes back in place. I am so, so thankful it was not worse but it was in one corner. We scrubbed the stain with dish soap and ammonia (thank you and my Mom sucked the water up with her tiny shop vac. It is looking much better but will always have a stain, I'm sure. I plan to replace this carpet in the near future so no worries and at least it's in the corner!

(Just the far right - the larger shadow is from where the carpet was pushed down by the heavy cube.) When I found the mold, it was BLACK so even though this is not back to normal, I'm pretty impressed with how much of it we got out. It took almost the entire day just figuring out what to do about the mold and working on getting it up. In between, I decided that all my embellishments, which were already sorted by color, in cute little pails, needed to go in a drawer! They were all getting dusty! I clean constantly but my house has a major dust issue - I need my vents cleaned out. So I freed up 4 drawers and decided to put my 8 colors of embellies into them.

I looked at a couple stores and couldn't find dividers that fit the drawers so I ended up getting 2 per color of small dividers. I love, love, love it!!!!

Here's a close up of my red and pink drawer:So two for each color - one holds my small, loose embellies with my larger flowers on top, which I can easily pull off. I don't really have any medium or small flowers anymore - just a few strewn throughout. I've been purging in a major way.
The other holds all my tags, larger and medium die cuts, etc. (this is another color):
It's so awesome to know they will not be sitting around, collecting dust AND now my studio looks so much cleaner. The wall behind it looks dreadful - my plan is to build a HUGE frame with chicken wire that I can clip cards, layouts and inspiration pieces (quotes, magazine clippings) to. I want to do that in April. Now I have room for my Silhouette Cameo too. I love it. I cannot stand visual chaos or clutter in my home.

Also, aren't these just happy little drawers now?
I do have plans to sort my buttons into color but that will take some time!
So I'm a happy girl. I just sketched out tons of cards and I have 3 planned out - gotta come up with 2 more and get to cutting for my class in 2 days! I'm using the new My Mind's Eye and some brand new Jillibean Soup (2 faves).

Blog ya later.


Briana Johnson said...

oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about the mold! We once had a new mattress while we were moving in and it sat directly on the floor for a few weeks with the plastic still on it and when we lifted it up there was condensation on the plastic on the outside! So strange. But at least you found it now rather than later! Your organization is just perfect!
Thanks for your nice comment on 2Peas and my blog. Yes, that was a Silhouette cut! Sorry I forgot to mention that! I can't wait to see the new things you will make with your Cameo!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

oh Tracie! You've inspired me to get organizing over here!