Sunday, April 29, 2012

a card for baby.

Wanna know a secret? I goofed on this card and didn't tell my students this month.
Okay some of them read this so they'll find out but it's okay.
This card uses one of my favorite October Afternoon lines - Ducks in a Row.
I bought two patterns of the line for to make 12 of these cards. The second piece was pink with cream polka dots.
I cut all 12 pieces for the inside, formatted the sentiment in four different text boxes in Word (so they would be at just the right spot) with some of the words changed to cursive. Can you say "time consuming?" Then I ran each of those 12 pieces through my printer, put them into the kits and got ready to go to bed, the night before my class. For some reason - I walked over to take one last look at the card before I went to bed and DANG IT ALL TO HECK - there was a typo!!!!
I had printed all 12 polka dot inserts with a typo. I only had enough paper to make two more but truthfully, the sentiment did not show up that well on the boldly patterned polka dot paper. So I panicked, had a time of prayer, LOL, thought about carrying my printer to the store to do a last minute prep before class, realized I probably wouldn't sleep for worrying about it and then went to bed.
Trying to go to sleep, I realized that I should just print the inside on solid pink. Thank heavens I had a generous supply of pink cardstock that matched the paper. I actually think it turned out better this way so it was a happy accident although I loved that pink polka dot paper so much!! I cut the label on the front with a freebie cut that came with my Silhouette.
The "baby" font is a new favorite - Cursive Standard. You can download it for free here.
This is another sentiment I got from a Dollar General cheapie card but this time, I just went to the store, found one I liked, memorized it and sent myself a voice text message with it when I got in the car! The best place to find sentiments is on store-bought cards!

So that's it. One of my favorites from this month.

See you tomorrow for more crafty goodness!


Rozette said...

I love it and glad I am not the only one with typos. And it is sad...I have a hefty supply of pink paper.

Sherry C said...

Cute card! Thanks for the sentiment tip! :)