Monday, April 09, 2012

step-by-step cards from a 6x6 pad

This month for my class, I bought a 6x6 paper pad from My Mind's Eye. The line is called "Miss Caroline" and this pad is called "Howdy Doody." Great name, right? :)
This particular paper pad is 2-sided (some are not) and the patterns are just delightful. I challenged myself to see how many of the same card I could make with this one paper pad. By adding ONE piece of 12x12 My Mind's Eye paper - I was able to make...drumroll please....24 CARDS! I know. Pretty fabulous.

I'm going to teach you how by showing you step-by-step how to make a "mixed patterns on the diagonal" card, which is a design I use often and if I do say so myself, I'm kind of known for. This design can also rock some paper scraps so it's handy to know!

Here are all the papers lined up after I pulled out my favorites from the pad. I just went through and picked my favorites that seemed like they would work well together, keeping in mind that I needed some smaller scaled prints and some larger. Also, some bright and some more muted.
To make it easier to trim the excess, I made my design on a piece of white cardstock the same size as the card front (4x5.5). Then I cut SIX of the 6x6 patterns into 1" strips. This gives me 6 strips of each pattern and there are 2 of each of the patterns in this paper pad - so 12 strips of each pattern, right? Right! Before adhering anything, I laid the strips down to see if they looked like they were in the right place. Then I covered the CARDSTOCK PIECE with adhesive...not the strips.
Next, I placed the strips on a diagonal, making sure to cover as much area as possible and moving the strips as needed, bumping them tightly against each other.
Now I know you're thinking, "What about those 2 corners that didn't get covered?" Keep cool and carry on - we'll use some of the excess to cover those corners.

I always turn the card OVER (trust me on this one) and with SCISSORS, not a trimmer, cut carefully along the edge of the strips. I've tried it both ways and the scissors give me more control. A trimmer will often cut into the side of the card and get snagged on the strips.
So here's what it looked like once I trimmed and put some of the extra pieces in the corners and trimmed those. Are you diggin' it?

Now take your cardstock piece with all your beautiful little strips and glue it onto your card front. I like to use pre-made card bases in either white or kraft, with matching envelopes. Just my preference.

Next, take 2 more of the patterns and for each card, cut one strip 3/4" and one strip 1/2". They'll make a border on the left hand side, just for interest.
For my class, I always need something easily reproducible so my go-to embellishments are punches and now with my new Cameo, die cuts. For this card, I punched 2 kraft circles in 2 sizes and 2 white butterflies, also in 2 sizes. I popped one of the circles up with foam adhesive...

This month my class was very close to Easter, so I gave my students 2 sentiment choices for some of the cards. This was a clever idea from my friend, Sarah. They loved it! I used a white card base so I made the sentiment on kraft, just for a little variety.
So there ya have it! Now go ye into the earth and make a diagonal striped card. You can do it! I just showed you how. :)

Tomorrow I will show you the 2nd card I made 12 of, using only an additional piece of My Mind's Eye paper from an older line.


Sarah said...

I love it when you blog! I read it in your voice. Is that crazy?

jawebbtn said...

Love it! Keep 'em coming!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - I always do that too (with other people). I plan to blog daily. I have a blog schedule I'm going to start next week. Wish me luck!

Madeline said...

Love your strip card...great use for scraps!

Mary Jo said...

Absolutely lovely cards!
Thanks for the tip about angling the paper on the second one!
I am definitely going to have to pin these :)

Chelle said...

I scraplifted you! Made 2 of these cards and one similar to your next post. Now I have my Mother's Day cards already. YAY!

TracieClaiborne said...

Well Chelle! That is awesome! Would love to see pics!

justcindy said...

Oh I really like this! Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

Teddi said...

is it weird that i've never bought a 6x6 pad? yes, i'm serious.

Gab said...

That is just adorable!