Tuesday, April 17, 2012

thank you Taylor Swift!

We are blessed here in our hometown to have a hometown hero - Taylor Swift.
She recently donated funds to build a new playground when our community playground was in need of updating.
I love the flags that say Taylor Swift. It just makes it so cool - especially for those of us who love her! She is my daughter's absolute favorite!

With the weather finally warm - Caroline and her friend, Madyson, had a chance to play there Friday and had a blast!
I'm so glad Caroline still loves to play at the playground! I did when I was her age (11). She still loves Chuck E. Cheese too. Those are the two places she begs me to take her. I need to give in more often!

Our new structure was built by little tykes and is even featured in their catalog. Pretty neat! It has about 4 areas like this, plus swings. We love it!


Michelle said...

Uhmm I wanna go there! We need to meet for lunch over your way and I can take Sylvie to this park. I want to check out the new Cumberland Park downtown too.

Mary Jo said...

Very cool!! :)

Danielle said...

That is a very nice play area. The kids look like they are enjoying it.