Monday, May 14, 2012

and the angels sang.

I wish I could have the sound of angels singing on my blog today because that is what I think I heard when I saw my new favorite collection of paper at Archiver's Friday night.

Simple Stories Summer Fresh - I THINK I LOVE YOU!

I rarely buy more than 1-2 pieces of any collection but I bought 8 pieces of this and I actually want more. I am planning to do a Summer mini-album and I'm going to plan out what we are doing the whole Summer and make a place for it in the album as I make it. Fun!!

Here it is....get ready to drool....

These pieces are sized perfectly for a mini-album....look how perfect these are for Summer fun!

I can see the piece that says "admit one" being for the free Summer movies we always watch. "This is my happy place" could easily go for a pic of Caroline at the bouncy place (Monkey Joe's) - she loves it and begs me to take her all the time.

This is my favorite piece in the entire line. It will probably be the cover.....

UNLESS I decide to cut this one down and use it....

but I think I'll use the first and make it say "Summer Fun" or something like that. I'll save this piece for a layout of my girlie.

Now let me explain why each of these is so fab....

First of all, everyone is doing chevron but this is the first chevron I've seen in primary colors. I need 2 of these. Check out that subtle hexagon too. Very usable for any type of project.

This yellow dot is one of my faves. The yellow is fab and the small bits of text are divine!!

I love this small blue floral because you really need a small pattern to balance all these large ones and it's perfect for minis. Then this red has a very subtle floral. I could see this red being perfect for Christmas layouts too. The colors on these are just fabulous.

Now these are two of my favorites. The floral is the PERFECT SIZE floral. If every paper collection had this size floral, I'd be so happy. Also, the red gingham is so classic, I really need 10 pieces of it!

And this is what makes me love it even more....

Look at the subtle pattern on the edge!!!! That's my kind of distressing. It looks like I cleverly stamped it. Also, they added a ledger type feel over the floral. BRILLIANT!!!!!

Lastly, this green dot is so versatile. I could use 6 more pieces of it. :)

Are you in love yet?????? I also saw a pre-made mini with all the patterns on their website! I didn't see that at Archiver's!

So have any of you snagged this line and do you love it as much as I do? The reason I did not get more, is because so often, I will get excited about a line, buy every bit of it and then it sits there for YEARS. Now I am dedicated to using things very soon after purchasing them right now but the pile of what I've purchased recently is growing so I guess I need to be on a paper spending freeze until I create several projects. Right now I have a bunch of the new soft My Mind's Eye papers with the sayings in the corners that I need to use. Then I also have to tell myself to use older papers so I need to be creating enough to make a dent in both piles.

Do you use new papers very soon after getting them? I have changed my mindset on this because I recently purged and would come across these fabulous papers and remember being so excited about buying them and just scratched my head going, "Why didn't I use this???" I think I was saving them for something perfect! Ugh. Not happenin' anymore. The good thing is....I'm rarely that impressed by a paper line so my purchasing of paper has definitely slowed down.

Now here's my other new favorite thing. I am collecting these but I'm determined to use them right away. They are the Jillibean soup labels and they're only $1.49. I had gotten a few last week and I went back and got several more. Check out my collection!

Don't hate. :)

While I was in Archiver's - I noticed this cute little mini and took a video. I didn't realize it was a class! I wouldn't take the class because you can just look at this and see how it's made (that's why I don't put samples out of my full class project), however, it is cute and fun and worth sharing!!

Check it out!

Hope you had a great holiday!

I'll be back tomorrow with more crafty goodness!


Madeline said...

I've been eyeing that Simple Stories line for a while. Love the summery colors and great prints!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

This is one of my current faves too. I got it last week and have already made a card. I like to cut into new collections as soon as I get them, while they're still fresh. LOL! :)

Kimberly Kett said...

You are making me want these papers now!! Thanks for pointing them out :)

Arlene said...

You are enabling!!!! I love Simple Stories, I need to check out this collection. TFS.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

My LSS had this new collection and I couldn't pass it up either!! Love everything about it!!

Thanks too for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment :)

Amy said...

I LOVE this collection so much! I bought it to make my friend a vacation album as a college grad gift. Really looking forward to using it!

2 Girls, 1 Thought said...

Love it all! Wish I could make a trip down there. Maybe in a couple of weeks! Love your blog header too!

Tracy said...

Great collection. I can't wait to see your mini you are making with it.
Love those soup labels, so fun.
I don't have an Archivers, but love to go when we find one on our travels.
Going to check out that video now :)