Friday, May 11, 2012

a card for Mom

There are only a couple days left until that wonderful day we call "Mother's Day."
The day when I get to be pampered and treated well and showered with gifts.
(Hope my family reads this so they know what I expect. hee)

It's also the day I get to be super extra sweet to my Mom.
I don't take time often enough to tell her that I love and appreciate her.
So of course I had to make her a card and I thought carefully about what I wanted it to say.

To begin, I pulled out this fabulous piece of My Mind's Eye paper from the "Miss Caroline" collection - one of my all-time favorite paper lines.
I also pulled some older MME paper from their Stella and Rose collection.
I'll be honest, it kind of hurt me to cut into this for a card, because it's the super thick MME paper that they didn't have the last couple go arounds.
It's my favorite paper texture EVAH! But I'll carefully preserve the scraps. :)

So here are the delightful starting papers....

I pulled the top sheet out because I love the colors and that gray section with the flowers seemed very lady-like to me.
Perfect for Mother's Day!

I made the card base out of a gray cardstock and used the yellow piece to back the front.
I used the blue die cut paper to cut my title out on my Cameo. The font is Dancing Script. A new fave.

Put it all together and bada, boom, bada, bing.....we have a card:
(Please excuse the "I-took-this-picture-at-night" lighting.)

I mounted the gray section on a piece of cardstock to give it weight and then popped it up.
I also made the little banner that says "i love you" by adhering two pieces together the same size.
I really like my cards to have a lot of weight. It gives them an expensive feel.

For the inside, I used another strip from the top paper and mounted some more yellow inside:
So it says, "Mom - I love you - today, tomorrow, forever."

Awww! I am SO SWEET!!!! :)

I'll write Happy Mother's Day in with my handwriting - maybe the lines will help me write neatly and I'll have my little girlie write something too. You know Moms love anything handwritten.

You did know that - right?

So have you made your Mother's Day card yet?? Get on it girl!

By the way - one of my cards is featured on the My Mind's Eye blog today with a version of it by the fabulous Danni Reid! So exciting!! Thanks so much Danni! You can check out the post here!!


Staci said...

What a beautiful card! TFS!

Julia said...

Beautiful card!!

Anonymous said...

such a lovely card!

Suzanne said...

Great card!

Erica said...

Great card!

Michelle McClure said...

Cute card, I'm sure your mom will love it!

Karen Letchworth said...

This is SO pretty! I would LOVE to become your follower (if that's OK with you). I would also love having you do the same on my little blog. I also have a little challenge blog if you're interested. Your style is just adorable, would LOVE to have you visit both!
Karen L

laura-whosthischick said...

Great card. It is really lovely.

danni reid. said...

love this card so much tracie, she will love it♥

TracieClaiborne said...

Thank you so much!