Wednesday, May 09, 2012

finding the right embellishments

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my mini-album. I had so much fun making it.
As I shared recently, I have new bins for all my small embellishments and they are sorted by color.
I thought I would talk a bit today about how much it helped my creative process to have this system.

After choosing the patterned paper for the cover and inside pages, my color scheme worked itself out to be primarily blue, pink and lime green with a bit of brown and orange. The reverse side of the main paper was aqua blue polka dots and I really love that color so I chose that to be the primary color of my embellishments. You can see that aqua on every page because it covers the insides of both covers.

So finding embellishments started with me pulling out my blue bin. I simply went through and pulled out every little item that I thought might work. I spread them on my desk....

There were initially about twice this many because this photo was taken after I had already added some to the album. As you can see, I pulled a few pink and blue, as well. Those two are the same brand as the cover paper so they have the same color scheme. Love that!

As I worked on each page, I laid down almost all of these embellishments as some point to see if they would work. I moved them around and I LOVED having them all waiting on me. Almost like a kit someone gave me to work with. I knew these items on my table were what I was going to use and it was just a matter of finding the right spot for them. Of course, I ended up not using them all but I did use quite a few.

I also tried the brown bin as a secondary accent color but didn't find any that quite suited the fun mood of this project or said anything related to celebrating.

I did find this Jenni Bowlin scallop that had already been cut in half in my orange bin and since the number paper was so busy, it was the perfect option for that page.
I love how that blue butterfly matches the inside paper. I never would have found that butterfly if my embellishments weren't sorted by color. I used to have them sorted by "like items" so all my colored chipboard would be together but it was just too much trouble to go thru every bin. Final verdict? My color bins ROCK!

Now here's something else I want to share. Many of my smaller embellishments have a blank space so they work well with rub-ons (ex: the pink rectangle under the butterfly above). I don't have a lot of rub-ons because I just never bought that many. But I do have this great "swatchbook" from Creative Cafe - one of my all-time favorite lines that is now gone. I had never used this but it is fabulous!

This sheet is the same as the transparency I used in the album, so I thought it was a good fit to use some of these rub-on words.

Here's a tip - if you have older rub-ons, try rubbing one onto paper first to see if they're dried out. I did this and thankfully, they still worked well. I did have one mishap but I used my gum eraser to get it off the tag.

My practice sheet - a scrap:

One thing I have too many of, are sticker sheets that have words on them. I don't know how to organize them so I just have them in one plastic file keeper all together. I am determined to use some of those up! They are some of my favorite embellishments. I have a stack that is 3/4" thick of just Doodlebug stickers, that I also keep with them.

So I went thru the entire stack and tried to find words that matched. I did find a glad to use some of these! I also keep my border stickers in there as well. They are my fave!

One last thing....I found these Heidi Grace clear stickers at Joann a long time ago, and they worked great in this mini - on corners of my photos. I am so glad to use some of these because I remember how excited I was about them when I bought them. I still love them just as much! It's funny how well they match the colors in my mini. If I had found them before I started making the pages, I might have used way more! But I like having a little bit of this and a little of that. Keeps it interesting.

So that's it. Just part of my process I thought you might be interested in.

I found a great tutorial on running stickers through my printer and I used it over and over in this album. I'll be sharing my own experiences and pics about that tomorrow!

Hey - check out this cute mini on the Jillibean Soup blog today by one of my favorite designers, Pam Brown. Here's a link to more of it if you'd like to see..... Jillibean Soup Blog

PS - I want to give credit to Stacy Julian for inspiring me to organize by color, quite a while ago. She did a series of cute videos about her color bins and as normally happens when I'm listening to Stacy - I said, "I must do that!!" She is one of my biggest influences when it comes to papercrafting. Here's a link to her white video post which I love because she talks about PURGING regularly. Watch it! Stacy's Blog


Anonymous said...

Great post! I LOVE having my embellishments sorted by color! The best organizing thing I have ever done!

KimberlyMarie said...

I love the idea of sorting your embellishments by colour. I may need to do that :)

Danielle said...

love this post! i like the idea and now i am off to watch the video. thanks-

April Michelle said...

I am really leaning towards going to a by color organization....this is just pushing me there. LOL! Thanks for sharing your process.

Julia said...

Love your process!!! I would also love to share the link for running the stickers through the printer...interesting!

TracieClaiborne said...

Julia - feel free!!!! Thanks so much!