Thursday, May 10, 2012

how do you print on those cute little stickers?

My latest obsession is Jillibean Soup "soup labels." They are $1.49 each and they come in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for every layout. They look awesome with a little something printed on them, like the date or part of a title. Question is - how do you print on a sticker, right?

Allow me to inform you!

First, this only works on a sticker with a very matte finish. Jillibean and October Afternoon's labels all have it and there are lots of small die cuts that do as well. If you have older, glossy stickers, this will not work.

So here are two ways to do it and I did not come up with either way!! :) I just thought I'd pass along some great information.

Method #1:
This is by one of my favorite designers, Nichol Magouirk. She uses OA stickers quite frequently with this technique. Here's an example, from her fabulous blog....(where it says "at age seven")
She explained once, in a video, that she cuts the sticker off the sticker sheet, leaving the backing ON. She types the text in Word, prints a draft, lays her sticker over the draft copy, holding it up to the light for placement, puts some adhesive on the back and runs it thru and voila.

Nichol always inspires me so I had been wanting to try this but I hate anything messy in my drawer and the thought of cutting my stickers apart did not thrill me. I worried how I would store them if they weren't intact.

Enter the fabulous Jill Sprott with....

Method #2:
Jill had a Tutorial Post on the Two Peas Blog recently that showed step by step how she prints on stickers. I really liked her directions and I had an a-ha moment when I saw this picture.....

I was like, "Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!" That made it click in my head as far as how to line them up perfectly. I asked her if she just sticks the stickers on a piece of printer paper and she said YES! That surprised me because I am afraid they would be there forever. :) So I decided to use most of what she explained and put my on spin on it.

Here's how it went....

This is the fabulous sticker sheet. I snagged 4 of these at Archiver's but should have gotten more!

I am very proficient in Microsoft Word so I always use it to do my journaling. Of course you could use another program but that is what I use. So first, I measured that orange label. Then I created a text box the same size. (I explained that in this post from April.)

I typed my word, keeping in mind the heart on the sticker and printed out a draft copy.

I have this cute little container that I use for baby powder. It is actually made for that! It came with a brush and is made by Mrs. Grossman's!!! (Oooh, flashback!)

So I used the brush to brush the backside of the sticker with powder. This took the sticky off.

Then, using Jill's method of drawing lines, I took my clear ruler and drew a line under the word and on both sides.

I put some removable adhesive on the back and lined it up within the text box.

Now here's where it went wrong. First of all, I should never have started this process with THE sticker I wanted to use for the front of the album. I was a pro at this by the end of the day but this one did NOT go exactly where I wanted. It ended up being a little high and that is because I centered it within the text box, instead of really using those lines I had drawn.

But I did turn it over and it looked right so I printed....(see how right it looks?)

Now nobody but a Neurotic Nellie like me would notice but the word is actually a tiny bit higher than I meant for it to be.
I did center it well so I decided to use it anyway. Oh, the plague of perfectionism. I'm in a 12-step program. :)

I realized after that first mistake that I needed the text box to CREATE the text on the computer, but not for the printed draft. Make sense? So in other words, on this next one, I still measured the area and still made a text box but before I printed the draft copy, I set the text box to "no outline."

Here's my 2nd attempt which worked better....(see there's no box around it, just my pencil lines)....

It really does help to do this during the day, in front of a really well-lit window. This one went within a smidge where I meant for it to. Pretty perfect.
By the 3rd one, I was on a roll! Check out how perfectly this worked out! Go me!
You can see by those pencil lines that I made the lines go far out to each side so I could line it up perfectly. Again, I did not print the outline on the text box but I still used one - even for two little words. That's just how I do it but you could do this with trial and error, just typing the words, printing to see if they'll fit, etc. But text boxes are really easy once you do a couple.

So that's it! Thanks to Nichol for giving me the idea to even attempt to print on stickers and thanks to Jill for showing how to make lines so you know where to line it up! Thanks to both for always answering my questions!

If you don't have baby powder, you could also just rub the sticker on your clothes or a towel over and over until it's less sticky and then use some repositionable adhesive to temporarily adhere it to your draft copy.

Please let me know if you have any questions! This is my new favorite thing to do! I've actually done this for years, using the text box method, but never on anything with LINES and never with an actual sticker. Only on something like a blank tag, even a tiny jewelry tag but they are white and easy to see through. This took it to a new level for me. I love that!! I'm totally going to splurge on some new lined journal cards when I get to my scrapbook store I teach at.

I have an exciting announcement tomorrow and I'll be showing you some new cards so be sure and check back!

Happy Thursday!


Julia said...

I am so glad you posted the instructions on how to do this today! I can't wait to try it!!!

Christina Collins said...

I need to try this!
Thanks for the tips. ;)

April Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing and comparing the two techniques!

Pam W. said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Busygirl said...

Great tip! I love printing on smaller embellishments as if they were typed. Even my husband noticed it one day and asked me how I did it lol!

Laura-whosthischick said...

That was a very clear explanation. I use Nichols way for bigger journal spots or labels. I like this for the smaller ones

gale said...

What a great idea. I have these types of stickers and never use them because I think my handwriting is atrocious. I'll have to try this.

Pam said...

Brilliant! I have what seems like hundreds of these stickers that are just sitting there and now I know how to use them. (I'm a perfectionist and am too afraid of messing them up.) Thanks for sharing!

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