Friday, May 25, 2012

organizing my flair!

I decided to clean out a decorative box today and use it to store my handmade cards.
Inside the box was my stash of American Crafts Flair embellishments.
Oh how I love thee, Flair!
I have all of these packages and have had them for years and years but have only used 2 out of any of them.

I think I had 7 or 8 packages and they were taking up a lot of room and just not working for me.
Since I am completely in love with organizing by color - I decided to organize my Flair into my color bins.
So I took all my small embellishment bins out and lined them up on my desk.

But then I was faced with a quandary - the Flair pieces have a foam sticker on the back! How to sort stickers?

I didn't want them to stick to other items in the color bins so I decided to stick them onto something.
First, I took them off the plastic piece of packaging and laid them upside down.

Then I got out my 1" circle punch and some kraft cardstock scraps and punched a bunch of circles.
(I considered cutting up the plastic they were stuck to, but they didn't re-stick to it well and I wanted them to be on a circle.)

I don't mind if the sticker gets un-sticky because I can always add a little liquid glue to the back when I use them.
So I stuck each one onto a kraft cardstock circle while I watched Andy Griffith. :)

It was so much fun to see my color bins filling up with these adorable little embellies!
It's amazing how differently things look to me when I take them out of the package.
When I separate things by color, it's like I see them for the first time.
For instance, I had never noticed this fabulous ampersand in the packages before! I looooove it!

Now, you may be thinking, "What about the ones that are multi-colored?"
Well, let's take this one for example. It is pink in the middle, green on the edges but pink is the predominant color so I put it in the pink bin.

When I was done, I did have quite a few that were a complete mix of colors. In all of my sorting of embellishments, I didn't run into this much.
I normally just go with the predominant color, but let's face it - these are MULTI.

So in the end, I moved my black embellishments from two bins into one (to free up a container) and created a "multi" bin.
I plan to go back through the other colors and re-sort anything that is super mixed and/or when I come across things, throw them in here.

I even saved the packaging because I like having some bags on hand that seal, to put small things in.
I saved the plastic backing sheets too, because sometimes when I do a layout and I want to use a sticker, it's nice to put it on a clear sheet like this, move it around my layout and see where it will work best. That also works well with sticker letters. I can put them on a sheet like these were stuck to, and I can see if they will fit in the area before I stick them down!

It was really a fun process and I couldn't believe how many pink pieces of Flair I ended up with!! Joy!!

I had some in every color. A few blue....

A few green.....

And lots of brown....

Also in the box I emptied was this package of Heidi Grace chipboard pieces. I had never opened it.
So I sorted those by popping them off the sheet with the backing intact. I didn't keep all of them, just my faves.

Then I also had some Creative Cafe small and large tags to sort. The larger ones would not fit in my color bins so I'll put those in with my larger label and tag sheets. But the small and medium ones in this pic were easy to sort.

I have had these and loved these for so long but never used them because I forget what I have!

I enjoy organizing so much. I just can't say enough good things about organizing by color.
It's made scrapping so much for fun for me! Now I need to get busy and use all of these lovelies.

Check back tomorrow and I'll share a couple wedding cards from my class this week!

Stay cool!


Diane Payne said...

All that flair looked so fabulous all together like that!

Madeline said...

Great organization! And what a wonderful stash of flair!

Elisa K said...

love all the flair pieces and your color bins... how do you store your bins?? Thanks for sharing.

Margareta Carlsson said...

So many gorgeous flairs! I only have a few, but they are awesome details to use on a page.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

have to get me some flair!!!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Nice flair collection, Tracie! :) I love how you sorted everything. I love going through my stuff like this and revisiting things and finding stuff I forgot I had. Happy scrapping!

Julia said...

Love to see your organization process!!!

Erica said...

This is such a good idea. I've got some things sorted by color in my room but I don't have room to do everything.

angie said...

I love organization too! and I also sort by color - i should do a post too.

gale said...

Great ideas. I started organizing by color so I hope it helps me to use up some of my stash.

Carrie said...

Smart idea with the card stock circles. I recently sorted all my stuff by color and I love it. I have a few theme bins, too, but the color bins are helping me a ton.

Catherine said...

I was just thinking about how much I love little shallow baskets for storing things - easy to drop stuff in and carry around. I've known about organizing by color since taking a class from Stacy Julian, but I've never considered it.. I think I'll give it a try.

TracieClaiborne said...

Yay Catherine!!

Pam said...

This post couldn't have come at a better time! I'm looking at my embellishments and am wanting to sort by color. Now I'm motivated! Thanks for sharing!

TracieClaiborne said...