Friday, May 18, 2012

yesterday was one heck of a day!

I never made it to the scrapbook store yesterday. I just couldn't get going in the morning. I feel like a slug lately.
I got to my dentist appointment at 3 pm a few minutes early. (Shockingly enough.)
Went to get out of the car and the key would not come out and the car would not turn off!!!

I had a little hysterical moment and called my husband.
Then I had to go in the dentist office with my car still running and reschedule.
(After I had psyched myself up all day for the horribleness.)
Met my hubby at the car dealership and it will be $425 for a new ignition. Yay!!

I had hubby leave me at Hobby Lobby so I could get some supplies for my class.
Thankfully my Mom is usually willing to do just about anything I ask her so she picked me up. :)

I got a new special issue of CK called "Simple Scrapbooks."

Here's a peek at it:

I must say - I'm really likin' it so far! The layouts are very clean and well-designed.
It's NOTHING like Simple Scrapbooks magazine was. Nothing. Don't let the title fool ya.
I would have loved them to bring back some of the Simple team.
I know their readers would have loved to catch up on some of those people like Stacy Julian.
But I guess her devoted fans, like me, already keep up with her.

I bought it with a coupon so it was $8.99 plus tax (retail $14.99). I wouldn't have paid full price.
If you can get it with a coupon, I do recommend it. So far. I have given it a once over, that's all. :)

I also got some adorable American Crafts stamps on clearance for $3.59 a set!!!!!

This is the first one...
I am LOVING that bicycle and the sentiment at the bottom. I asked Caroline what I could use the radio for and she told me a very clever quote from a song! I'm going to use these in my July class.

This is the other one...

I love, love, love the telephone!! I can see this being stamped on a tag for a card with "Let's Talk Soon!" or something like that. Also will be using it for June and love that ric-rac border too.

Both of these are just perfect for cards. I don't know why I didn't see them before except that I try to stay away from the stamps at Hobby Lobby or I walk out with some! For reals.

I also got some pearls for flower centers half price on sale and some tiny kraft envelopes for my class, also half price so $1.50 for 12. Well worth it not to have to make them myself!!

Then I got these cute, cute, cuties from 7Gypsies....they are 2.25" tall. I'll just have the month peek out over the edge of a layout. Love the notch too. These were only $2.49. Again, not sure how I missed these but they get new stuff in all the time. I loves me some Hobby Lobby!

So today I will be waiting on the car dealership to call me so I can go to the scrapbook store and pick up the rest of my class supplies.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the great comments you've been leaving me! They make my day!! For reals!! :)


Madeline said...

Those little 7-Gypsies tags are cute! Sorry about your car ignition! Ugh. That's a lot of scrap supplies. :(

TracieClaiborne said...

Don't I know it. I actually felt guilty spending $30 in Hobby Lobby but a) it was for my class and b) it was birthday money. Poor hubby. He has to foot the bill for everything. Oh well....he said, "It's just part of life." and he's right! We're still blessed!

Penny said...

Hi Tracie, I just realized that we don't live far from each other. I live near Kimball, TN, in between Nashville and Chattanooga! Sorry to hear of your car troubles, I had almost the exact same thing happen to me except it turned off and then wouldn't turn back on! Left me stranded with my two grand kids, not a good day! Glad to hear that you read Nancy as well. I read a few of the Trixie books, but my mom could only afford one set so I chose Nancy. I also read a set called Brains Benton do you remember those? I have collect many of my books from "Goodwill" as well, and have some duplicates let me know which one's you are missing, I might have one. Love Penny

Arlene said...

Yikes, sorry you had such a rough day :( but on the flip side you made it to Hobby Lobby! :) Things happen for a reason, even though you won't know what that reason is today. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your new supplies! :)

Mary Jo said...

Car troubles are so frustrating! Glad you could get some help!! I had a dead car battery yesterday, so not quite as bad as replacing a whole ignition!

Must check out Hobby Lobby with my coupon. I have been wanting that CK issue. And that stamp set with the phone is adorable!
Hope you have a better day!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

these stamps are so awesome!!

the ck looks good! tfs!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Sorry about your car, Tracie. :( You bought some great stuff though. How come I don't see these things in my Hob Lob? LOL!

Briana Johnson said...

oh my word! Ugh, so sorry about your car! Man, I would have had a mini freak out too :) Those stamps are very cute - thanks for sharing!