Wednesday, May 23, 2012

well hey y'all! did ya miss me?

Shoot! I didn't mean to go without blogging Monday and Tuesday!
Life got in the way. Prepping for my class got in the way.
I was doing so good too! Okay, back on track now.

Thought I'd share with you a card I made for my Pastor.
I am a personal assistant to her and her husband.
We call them both Pastors. She is Pastor Yolanda.
She's very precious to me, always there when I need her.
She always prays for me when I ask her to.
She's really like a second Mom. I'm lucky to have her.

Here's a recent pic of her - isn't she cute?

This past Sunday, we honored her since she was out on Mother's Day.
I wanted to make her a special card since that's what I do. :)
It is a new size & style for me so I thought you might want to see!

First, I must tell you that I went to Dollar Tree last week and bought quite a few cards just because I wanted inspiration for my class.
They were all 50 cents each. And hey, I can use them at some point so it's not like I bought them for nothing.

This was one of them....a wedding card that is a money holder.

It was on my desk and inspired me when I sat down to make a card for Pastor Yolanda.
I wanted to put a gift of money inside so I decided to measure and copy the size of this.

First, I took some kraft cardstock and made it the same size, scoring in the same places.
It is 7.25" tall and 9.5" wide. I scored at 3 6/16" and then 7 2/16".
That gives you a little tab inside to lay the money under.

So after measuring, I made the same size document in Word and made a text box to go on the far left, because I knew when I folded the card, it would end up on the far right. Make sense?

See how that works?

Next step was covering the front, using some extra paper from my class prep that was on my desk.
This is My Mind's Eye, Lost and Found. I added a scallop with the reverse side pattern.
Then I cut my title using my Silhouette Cameo. It is so skinny that I had to glue it very carefully.
I ended up with a little extra space so I added a rhinestone. Voila!

To finish it off, I added a bit of black to the inside.
See that cream on the left? On the original card - that part was cut off, leaving the far right of the inside of the card exposed. The original card had a design there but I didn't realize that until I had already printed my inside message. So I just extended the front pattern to completely cover it. But if I make this again, I'll do it like the original and think it through more. Trial and error sometimes!

So there ya go! I will definitely make this size again, when I know I'm giving a monetary gift.
I'm assuming you are familiar with this type of card, it's hard to see the inside in the pic, standing up.
But when you open it, the money is peeking out from behind the part with the inside message.
I love it!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the first of five cards from my class this week.
We had a blast this month. I have the best group of ladies in my class. It's already full for next month.
Rock on!

Hope you're having a crafty week! See you tomorrow!


hilde janbroers said...

it's beautiful!! wow!!

Penny said...

Beautiful card, I love the outside pattern. Love Penny

Arlene said...

Absolutely beautiful and such a brilliant idea to buy cards for inspiration! :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks awesome!!

Johanna said...

Your card ended it way more beautiful than the original!! I love how it folds, the paper is beautiful and this is a great use of Word :)

byondbzr said...

very pretty card!

Pam W. said...

Beautiful card.

Mary Jo said...

That is really fabulous, Tracie!
And I have to say I like the dollar store card, too.
Very nice for a dollar :)

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Gorgeous card, Tracie, and so elegant too!

Erica said...

Great idea and such a gorgeous card!!

Jennifer Grace said...

Very pretty and inventive! x

Teddi said...

clever idea tracie! oh & i'm digging the blog post title. i also like your about you description in the top right on this blog.