Friday, June 29, 2012

ahh.....nothing like a good book

I think my favorite thing in life is a great book.
Not just any great book.
A great SCRAPBOOKING IDEA BOOK! Or as I prefer to call it - PAPERCRAFTING idea book. :)

Within the last week, I've gotten a total of FOUR books and magazines that are amazing!!
Thought I'd share a bit about them witchya.......

#1 - Scrapbooks, etc. magazine

My beloved is no more. The final issue of Scrapbooks, etc. is out now. I'm afraid to even read it for fear of wrinkling it. After all, it will have to tide me over for inspiration for years to come. Scrapbooks, etc. has always been my favorite and is, in fact, the reason I started scrapbooking more than 10 years ago! Here's how it happened. My hubby and I were on our 10 year anniversary trip to Memphis, TN. We wandered into a Tower Records (of all places) and there on the newstand was an issue of this magazine. I had never been that interested in scrapbooking, although my boss (at the time) was a scrapbooker. I didn't like my handwriting so it didn't interest me. I opened that Fall 2001 issue and the angels sang! There was computer generated journaling!!! I went home, bought stuff, scraplifted a page and the rest is history! I would give anything for that issue now! I will miss you, dear Scrapbooks, etc. Your editors had the best taste of any editors out there, in my opinion. I loved every page and project. *sob*

#2 - Easy Greeting Cards

I went to Hobby Lobby to look for another book and happened upon this one! It is basically (brace yourself) - every card that's ever been featured in Scrapbooks, etc. magazine!!! I know. I hyperventilated a bit in Hobby Lobby when I saw it. Funny thing is....I cut my mags apart so I already have most of these pasted into my idea binder but now they are all in one place, in a lovely book and let me tell you friends, this is worth every penny! The cards are top-notch, well-designed, thoughtful and lovely. It retails for $19.99 but I got it with a 40% coupon. I also saw it yesterday at our Sam's Club for $12.88. Love it!!!!

#3 - Card Sketches for Papercrafters

This is the book I went to Hobby Lobby to look for, when I found the one above. I just stumbled on this, on and gasped! I have a smaller version of it. It has like 50 sketches. This one has 125 sketches!!!!!! If you only ever bought one idea book for making cards - this should be it. You just cannot go wrong with all these great sketches and seeing how they used them really makes my wheels turn. I will be lovingly lifting a lot of these. :) I am in LOVE with that girl on the front! Love, love, love!!! As it turns out, Hobby Lobby does not sell this one yet so no coupon for cheapie me on this. It sells for $24.95 most places but I got it on Amazon for $20.06. Worth every penny!

#4 - Paper Crafts magazine - July/August issue

To me, this magazine is a bit hit or miss. It is always good but sometimes I flip through it and think, "Meh...I see just as good online, for free." Other times, they AMAZE me!! This is one of those issues! It has a ton of summer themed shaped cards and I am in LOVE with them all. You must buy this one if you want some fresh inspiration.

So that is it. My little stack of happiness. I've barely scratched the surface of looking at these. Can't wait to sit down with each one and savor them!

So there you go. Now go forth and buy. heehee

Stay crafty, my friends. Stay crafty.


Erika @ Scrapbook Obsession Blog said...

I'm with you ... LOVE to get a stack of scrapbook-y reading materials! I'm also very sad about the demise of Scrapbooks Etc. Thanks for sharing your story about how you got started!

Julia said...

Enjoy your new reading/crafting magazines!!!

Mary Jo said...

I am so sad about Scrapbooks well. They gave me my first pub! I am going to have to hunt for this issue because I think my sub expired with the last issue and I obviously didn't renew :)

Tanya Ham said...

*new follower*
I also love getting new scrappy reading material! :) I am sad about Scrapbooks Etc, too. Seems there used to be so many good ones, and now they're dwindling.

Pam said...

Great choices - I may have to pick up a couple of these! Thanks for the info! :)

laura said...

I just donated years and years of Creating Keepsakes. Just no more room to store them. I looked through all of them, and the styles are out of date, and there is more info online for free-I agree.

Georgie Horn said...

Howdy Tracie!
I just had to put a big stack of my favs in a safe place until some much needed ceiling repair is finished at my home. Can't get that plaster stuff on my pretties! Come get you some puddin n pie....giveaway!