Sunday, June 17, 2012

a little goodie for my friend

Last Friday was my friend Margie's birthday.
I decided to get her a little basket full of goodies.
So I went to Dollar Tree and bought this great plastic basket with silver handles. $1, of course!
Then I went around and picked out all RED items that were just little splurges for her.

Check it out...

I got her some apple room spray and potpourri. Apple body wash. Red pen and pencil set. Lotion.
Red nail polish. Cute striped m&m's socks, lip gloss and a bit of candy.
I even found cute red sunglasses!

I tied a bow on a paper clip and stuck it on the front. Didn't it turn out cute!!?
All for $15. I loves me some Dollar Tree! We just got a new one in my town and I am so happy!

This is my new go-to gift for all my friends' birthdays! Just thought I'd share!

Happy weekend!

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Jann Gray said...

Cute! Gonna have to go check out my Dollar Tree!