Tuesday, July 03, 2012

feelin' a little giddy

I have a little confession to make.
I splurged on something for myself this weekend.

First, let me explain this.
I bought a Canon Rebel in 2006 or so. At the time, I made $50 a week working one day at a scrapbook store.
I saved every penny for 10 weeks until I had $500 so I could afford a "body only" Canon Rebel.

It was a life-changing purchase. Life-changing!
My greatest joy in life (other than Jesus, my baby girl and my husband) is getting the perfect shot.
Not that I am that great of a photographer, mind you, but I enjoy trying and playing.
Every once in a while, I will impress myself. heehee

Earlier this year, I did a photo shoot for my husband's new Jazz CD. See?

After scoping out the perfect location, we get all ready to take pictures and my camera croaked.
It kept saying, "ERROR 99." Have any of you ever seen that on a Rebel?
I took the battery in and out. Nothing. I turned it off and on. Nothing. It was dead.
I honestly stood in the street and prayed for it, took the battery out and in again and it worked!

That was on a warm day in January and then it had been fine until this past Saturday, it did it again!
On my daughter's birthday...of all days!!!
So I knew that I needed to invest in a new camera even though I shouldn't spend the money.

I just happened to be in Sam's Club this weekend and found an incredible deal. Too good to pass up.
So I took the plunge and spent even more than I should have, to get the very best I could afford.

So here's my new little baby - the Canon Rebel T3i.
It has 1080 HD video with an internal and external microphone jack.
It has a swivel screen on the back. I can finally get a remote and take self-portraits!
It has 18 megapixels!!! My other one has 8! What a difference!
It came with a free camera bag and an 8GB card!
It also came with a kit lens and a 75 to 250mm lens. I have been wanting a lens like this the entire time I've had a DSLR.
Of course my 50mm lens will always be my first love. :)

I'm on cloud 9! I have a permanent goofy grin.

I have never bought any type of filter, protective lens covers....I don't even know what they're called.
So please fill me in on what I should get. I'm primarily going to use this for photo shoots and keep using my other one to throw in my purse.
I want to take better care of this one. My first Rebel has gone on all the rides at Disney World twice.
Not in a camera bag. Just me holding it or stuck in my purse. I want to be much more careful with this one.

I'm so happy! Happy, happy, happy!


Erica said...

My original Rebel from 2006 got damaged last November and I ended up with the T3. Its a GREAT camera. I love him. I miss my Rebel but this camera makes up for it. Its more intuitive than the Rebel and I'm finding there are small differences that just make the upgrade worth the money.

Madeline said...

Awesome! Have someone at a photography shop help you with the filters and get one for each of your lenses.

Julia said...

Lucky girl!!! Have fun with your new camera!!!