Tuesday, August 14, 2012

love, elsie mini-albums

If you live anywhere near Bowling Green, KY - you probably know about my favorite spot - Mighty Dollar.
It's like Big Lots but everything is one dollar. (A dolla makes me holla Honey Boo-Boo!) ha!

I scored big recently when I went there and found these Love, Elsie mini albums.
I plan to make them into a mini-album class.

I'm thinking lots of fun papers inside and tiny, little pictures - photo booth size or 2x3 and a bit of journaling and hearts and fun, fun, fun.

Last week I did a mini-album class and I had my students bring their pictures to class so they would leave with a completed album.
Well we ran out of time so we didn't all complete it in class but I'm hoping they did at home because all that was left was mainly journaling.
I did have one student e-mail me and tell me she finished hers and was so happy with it. Yay!
I really don't want to teach classes where people leave with a blank mini album they never use.

So I'm thinking for this class, I'll have them bring small pictures or even TAKE pictures for the class, e-mail them to me and I'll print them.
So what would a good topic be?

Here are some I'm mulling over:

- snapshots (just random pics)
- things that make me happy
- faces I love
- all around my house
- friends
- places I love

What do you think? What do you see fitting well in this album? Advice please!


Madeline said...

That camera album is so versatile that any one of your ideas would be great with it!

Tanya Ham said...

Love the ideas, and wish we had one here in OKC! I would love to use one of those!!

Jennifer Grace said...

I think snapshots would be a great title, encouraging people to capture some of the little things / moments. They are such cute minis - what a find! x

laura said...

Good for you, what a lucky find.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

How very cool!! Awesome find for sure :)

holly* said...

those are a great find! i miss elsie's designs at ki!

Zelma Gonzalez said...

Oohhh I've been looking for that album for sooo long, but I havent had any luck, if you are willing to sell one let me know, I can pay you trough paypal. You can contact me at zelmagv@hotmail.com

Susan McLandrich said...

Hi - could you please trace the cover of the album? I too would love to purchase one from you, but if I can't I was thinking of making one with the amy tangerine camera paper. If I had a template, it would be so much easier. Maybe you could trace and post on your blog or email to me.s if you have the time.
Thx- Susan