Thursday, September 13, 2012

card #3 in the Simple Stories set

If you have left me a comment this week - THANK YOU! I am sick and your comments really cheered me up!

Okay, ready for another card to go along with the first two?
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably know that my favorite technique for card making is mixing patterned strips.
So of course I had to throw a card in with a mix of patterns!
Sometimes I vary the size of the strips and sometimes I make them all the same.
For this card, I made all the strips 1" by 6" tall. That's so when you place them on the diagonal, you have some extra to cut off for a clean edge.

As always, I ran the card through the printer first to add the inside sentiment.
I cut a scalloped circle from my Cameo and simply flipped the paper over and used one side for the frame and one side for the middle.
That turned out fun. Then I cut my title using the font Lobster. I like this cheeky greeting.

Here's the card!
Here's what's inside:
I tried to make the greetings and sentiments really generic so whoever I gave the set to, would be more apt to use the cards.
I must confess, if I ever give a set like this to someone, I do wonder if they actually give the cards away!
One last tip - if you ever want to try making a card like this with strips - I recommend covering your card front entirely with adhesive, instead of each strip. Really, really cover the card with tape runner. Every tiny spot. Then stick the strips on. There's less chance of them pulling up that way. When you don't adhere them thoroughly, it can look a bit messy and we don't want that!
So there's number three. Hope you enjoyed it!
Stay crafty my friends. Stay crafty.


Jen Mc said...

I love the patterned stripes! Aother darling card

Barbara Eads said...

Try running your card through your xyron 510 if you have it. It works great when you need adhesive to cover the entire surface. Great cards, Tracie.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Beautiful! Love the diagonal papers.

Unknown said...

Love how you put the patterns diagonally. Great card!

Ashley Calder said...

Very sweet card. I love the diagonal pp stripes and simple, but sweet, sentiment inside.

Unknown said...

Love the stripes! Fabulous card!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thanks for the tip.

Laura said...

Very fun, stripes on the diagonal

Fleursbydesign said...

Fun card love the patterned paper strips :)

Madeline said...

Sweet card. I love the diagonal strips. Hope you feel better!

Jennifer Grace said...

What a great card, so colourful. I love all those strips, great tip on how to adhere them too! x

Izzy Anderson said...

I need to use strips on my cards more. This turned out great!