Thursday, September 20, 2012

road trip mini: the process

While I was making my road trip mini album - I decided to take a few pictures to show my process.
I like to see how other scrappers get to the end result so I thought you might like it too!

Let's start with the cover. When I bought the chipboard - I immediately saw the tall buildings and wanted to use those on the cover.
Then I worried that someone might not want their mini that specific to a trip to the city so I decided to go a different route.
I started with some of the cars and just drew my title approximately the size I wanted it to be:
I liked it but it seemed rather plain. So I tried it on black to give it more pop:
Then I thought - maybe just a touch of black and I cut my title which I loved:
I like this (above) but I still liked the buildings too so I started working with those:
Problem was - I had no where to put my title - even if it were smaller and this blue was boring me. Tried my title at the top:
Okay, we're getting somewhere but the top needed to be the sky so the title would have to go on the bottom:
It was still not popping enough on the blue so after some trial and error - I came up with my finished cover!
For the buildings.....I put baby powder on the back to take the sticky off - then I popped the side ones up with foam:
I laid out all the chipboard to decide which I loved and which went best with my pictures:
Next, I started laying out my pics and finding a scheme that worked:
I sketched everything out so I knew it would work! Always!! I have to know I can explain it easily to my students!
Let the cutting and kitting begin!
And here were the kits - all ready to go!
I told you wrong yesterday :) I said I didn't use kraft in between the patterns for this album but I actually did. I realized that what I did was make the base of each page with a 6x6 piece of kraft cardstock. Then I just layered the 2x6 patterned strip next to the photo:
Hope you enjoyed seeing my process! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about my mini!
Be back soon with more crafty goodness!


fishioslady said...

I think that your album turned out great. I love the papers.

Pamela said...

Looks like a fantastic mini!! :)

Tanya Ham said...

Awesome! I love seeing how others work. I have an upcoming post about my process doing a big vacation album too. Just wonderful! :)

Jennifer Grace said...

Great mini- I really love that orange in the background! x

Laura said...

This was awesome. Looks like it was a success. So much work too

tammy graves said...

Cuteness! Adorableness!