Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Spotlight: my favorite bloggers

I don't have many readers on the weekend but I thought I'd do a little Saturday series on some of my favorite bloggers.
I love that the blog world makes me feel a part of something bigger.
Bloggers just get each other - especially in the papercrafting world. I like to think we are working toward a common goal.
Sharing the love of all things crafty, paperie and good.

So in that spirit - here's today's highlighted blogger.... Lisa Dickinson.

I just had to start with her because:
- She's in my top-five favorite scrapbookers of all time.
- She's a hoot and make me laugh out loud with every blog post.
- I just love her!

She's not a daily blogger but she blogs regularly and it's always worth the wait.
I love it when she posts clothes that she likes. She has great taste in everything!
I love anything crafty that she does. She's just a wonderful, talented person.

So check out her blog and let me know what you think and if you are already a regular reader, let me know that too!

Have a happy weekend!!


Jann Gray said...

She is in my top 5 too! Can't wait to see who else makes the have intrigued me!

Julia said...

You've introduced me to a blogger I've never met before, I saved her blog so that I can go back later and read and read and read!!!

wendy said...

i love her blog too. once i won a giveaway from her - a big ol' box full of scrapbookity goodness! it was so cool. arrived just before christmas so i had to include it in my december daily ;)