Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Spotlight: my favorite bloggers

I have such a long list of favorite bloggers but I want to tell you about the best of the best.
Recently, I read this person's blog from front to back and right now I want to do it again!
She's without a doubt, super inspiring when it comes to my favorite thing - MINI ALBUMS and mixing patterns.

I love her. I don't know her at all. I've commented a bunch and gushed over her but I am soooo inspired by her work.
It's Kinsey Wilson! If I had her creativity - I'd be so stuck on myself y'all. For reals.
Her blog is here.

Some of my favorite projects she's done are:
a memory file ala Heidi Swapp here

this card here
the ever fabulous and famous "instagram mini" here
This fabulous post here where she tells and shows several December Daily albums. Drool.
the completely fabulous drool-worthy daybook and this post here has tons of awesome!
The girl has a way with mixing patterns.
I'm telling you - this is a "sit for a few hours and read this blog" worthy blog.
I just gave you a drive-by from the last year or so. She is super inspiring to me!!!
Hope you enjoy! This is her. Check her out!


Arlene said...

WOW, her work is amazing! Love the way you seek out inspirational bloggers. :) Off to check out her blog...

Tanya Ham said...

I love that you are sharing what (and who) inspires you ... so that we can also be inspired! Love it!