Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

We're off to Trick-or-Treats twice today.
Once around the Square in the town next door to us.
Then tonight, around the lake where I've heard tell they give out full size candy bars! (I have a witness.)

Thought I'd share with you some fun pictures I've taken this fall.
I hope your holiday is hauntingly happy!!!

My friends asked me to do a photo shoot for them and it was a blast!

The rest of these are clearer in real life - I'm uploading them to Picasa Web albums to post to my blog and it's making them a bit blurry. But they're really clear - I promise! :)

We went to a Girl Scouts Halloween Party at historic Rock Castle (owned by Daniel Smith who lived next door to Andrew Jackson at his home called The Hermitage). Now a lake (built in the 1960's) divides the town I live in and the town where The Hermitage is. This is a beautiful place.

I snapped this shot almost by accident. I turned around and saw them in silhouette! I think it looks like Tinkerbell, Davy Crockett, Cinderella and Ben Franklin are planning some big adventure.

This is blurry because there was barely any light in the tent for our party but I absolutely love how sweet this is! She was playing "pin the nose on the pumpkin" or some such game.

Pumpkin carving last night....

From earlier this month, we had a huge event at my church (where I work). This is one of the Pastors I work for, Pastor Wess. He was delivered from severe drug and alcohol addiction about 9 years ago and we had an event called Recovery Fest where he sang and hundreds of ex-addicts came to be inspired to continue in recovery. I snagged this shot with my new camera. Lovin it!

These are his parents - I'm their assistant and today I bought one of them the cutest birthday gift! :)

Also earlier this month - we visited Honeysuckle Hill Farm. It was harsh sun overhead so I did the best I could on this one.

Here's our motley crue. That's my best friend, Jenny, on the left and her son, Evan. I look dreadful but it is what it is!! :) Our faces got washed out - too bright sunlight I guess.

So that's been our month! Mostly fun and goodness.

Be back soon with crafty goodness!


Katherine said...

Gorgeous photos - love them all :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous photos - love them all :)

Unknown said...

awesome pictures! Love the picture by the water!

NC Peach said...

You've been pretty busy! Great fall pics!

Blessed Ladybug said...

oh so very nice ... i love the picture and everyone look so happy to be taking picture.. love it...

Christina said...

Great photos-I love that silhouette shot-gorgeous!!

Fleursbydesign said...

Grat photos, love the silhouette one :)

laura said...

Great photos, love them in the leaves.

Anonymous said...

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