Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Spotlight: my favorite bloggers #3

I'm back with another edition of "My Favorite Bloggers."
I can't even remember how I stumbled on this blog but one day I was blessed to find it.
This person is not a scrapbooker but she does papercrafting and art.
She inspires me with her sincerity and creativity. Just reading her blog makes me want to run and create!

Her name is Lori Vliegen.
She says about herself:
"I have been truly blessed with a spirit of creativity. a very curious spirit of creativity. so, i bounce back and forth between lettering, book arts, fiber arts, a little watercolor pencil....well, you get the idea."

She is just a delightful human being and someone I would love to be friends with.
I check her blog about once a month and catch up on what she's been doing.

Here's a link to her blog: Elvie Studio

Here are some of my favorite things she's done, each of these links has step-by-step pictures....

a handbound journal with illustrations galore

an adorable little flower made from punched hearts (love!!!)

a screen print tutorial using a basic stencil
this is way cool on the finished project!
this amazing accordian journal about Christmas - easily replicated with scrap supplies - I just love the idea of it!
This journal is shown in several posts which are all worth reading!
Wonderfully fabulous quotes and pictures...really if I could, I would print her entire blog as a book to just browse through with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. This speaks to my soul!!

She does a lot of hand lettering, making your own easy stamps, beautiful illustrations - she's adorable, kind, thoughtful - I love her!
I don't know her but I love her! I hope you'll check her out!

Happy weekend and stay crafty! I promise to return next week with lots of new cards!


Michelle said...

I saw your post on the TwoPeas board and I'm glad that I did! I found not one, but TWO great bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow!!! Her hand lettering is amazing!

In My Craft Room said...

This is amazing!! I really love it, thank you for sharing.

Tracy said...

You make me want to check out her blog. I love her art journals and love her writing style.
Thanks for sharing :)