Friday, November 02, 2012

trying to get to the bottom of the piles

My studio area may be the messiest it has ever been.
This is one side and I'm not proud of this:

I've been working on cleaning it for a couple hours so it's getting there.
My desk was piled up and had never been cleaned from last month's cards class and now it's time to prep for this month's!
How do I let this happen?

I recently bought this paper half-price and I'm cutting it up to sort into my color embellishment bins.

Here are the ones I like:
and here are some I was going to toss....
I thought, "Somebody might want those and I could pop them in the mail."
So the first commenter that wants them - let me know!! I'm sure I have a few more things to add.
As I cleaned, I gathered together the unreal amount of products I've bought in the last few weeks to use in a class coming up:
Can you believe it? I'm going to add my other Christmas stamps to this and decide which to use in class.
I'm doing a class called "25 Cards of Christmas" and it's already full so I need to start designing!
So I'll be here cleaning if anyone needs me! I can't start a new project until my studio is 100% clean!
Have a happy Friday!


Unknown said...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your stamp storage!!!

I love the journaling tags you are going to toss- I’d be thrilled for you to toss them my way!

I am inspired to go cut up my papers with journaling blocks and sort by color!!

Jasmine said...

Oh, Tracie, I love that Santa Claus stamp - can't wait to see what you create! Rachel beat me to the, NEVER throw anything away - have you ever checked out THE SCRAP YARD {group} on Facebook...ladies are ALWAYS looking to buy anything on there! Happy Scrapping!

Madeline said...

Nice collection of Christmas stamps! Can't wait to see what you create!

Staci said...

Great Christmas stamps! TFS.

NC Peach said...

Great mixture of stamps! I have that HA Greatest Gift set, and plan on pulling it out this year too! Look forward to seeing what you create!

laura said...

For a theme I only scrap once a year, I have collected an unbelievable amount of Christmas stuff. TFS

Ashley Calder said...

I love cutting those card papers up and keeping only the ones I am going to use. I found it so uninspiring seeing them all together and the pieces I didn't like. It made me not even want to bother looking through the papers that I knew were composites like that.