Thursday, January 03, 2013

a little sharing

I got some sad news this week.
The scrapbook store I have been teaching at for a year and a half will be closing soon.
The owner started the "going out of business sale" today and everything is half price.

I've had to take a deep breath and a step back and re-evaluate my business goals for this year.
I'm actually still pondering it all but I am embracing change as a good thing.
When one door closes, another opens, right?

After a lot of consideration, I've decided to no longer teach at Michaels.
I really think working within corporate guidelines for my craftiness does not suit me well.
The cost of the classes and the designs were not negotiable and that has been difficult.

So I'm not teaching at Michaels and I won't be able to teach at The Scrap Room after this month.
I am considering still teaching locally but moving to a new location - weighing my options this week.

I intend to be very dedicated to this blog and creating more crafty projects that make me happy in 2013.
I want to get back to documenting my life, printing tons of photos, creating daily and sharing it all here.
Hopefully someone will be interested in what I have to say and share.

Some ideas "in the works" are:
- online video tutorials for cards, beginner scrapbooking, step-by-step mini albums and other projects
- downloadable step-by-step instructions to go along with the videos
- card kits that go along with a video
- teaching on a larger scale at retreats and crop weekends
- creating and selling at local craft fairs a least a couple times a year

Teaching is just what I do. I love to talk scrapbooking more than any other topic.
I really, really want to follow through on making videos.
Watching videos of crafters making cards made me excited about papercrafting after a lull a couple years ago.

So we'll see. I'm writing down all my plans and weighing my options.
I know one thing for sure - this is going to be a great year! Hope you'll follow along on my journey!


Unknown said...

I stopped teaching at JoAnn's for the same reason. Just didn't "feel" right. Plus family issues just make it too hard to committ to being available, especially during the summer and holiday's.

Whatever you do, it will be great!!!! And I'd love card kits .. you're ideas are always the best!


Chelle said...

I hope you find your spot. Do you think JoAnns or Hobby Lobby have the same type of corporate rules?

Good luck!!!

laurab said...

You are lucky to have some warning. I worked in a scrap store for a while. Late one Sunday the owner called and said don't come in, the doors will be locked...and that was it. They never had a sell off.

Jann Gray said...

Sounds like GREAT goals...and I know you will be a success! Praying for you!