Monday, January 21, 2013

getting back to telling our story

I'm happy to report that in the last few months, I've run across quite a few former scrapbookers that are itching to get back to our craft.

That makes me happy because the number of local scrapbooker friends I have has dwindled greatly.
I used to hang with a large group of gals who cropped together at our local store...around 20-30 regulars.
Unfortunately, most of those girls just gave it up!
Sometimes I think Facebook killed scrapbooking. (You video killed the radio star.)

The way I see it - every funny thing we used to write down to share on a page - we can now share instantly.
Social media is like an ongoing virtual scrapbook of our lives.
It's fun but it's not a great motivator for scrapping our stories - quite the opposite in fact.

I also think that many scrappers simply got overwhelmed by too much product.
We bought and bought and bought until we had too many choices!! Too many choices can be paralyzing, people!
Time passes and no pages are made. I can relate to the cartoon above. I feel like I don't have enough to show for the years I've been a scrapbooker.

But there's always time to get back on track and start recording your memories again.
I'm preaching to myself as well as to any of you who have given up on telling your story!!

To help inspire us all - I'm starting a series of interviews with ladies who are getting back to our craft.
We'll begin next week and hear scrappers who have made the decision to jump back in!

Here are the questions I'm planning to ask......would LOVE to hear your input on what other questions might inspire....

1)   When was the last time you made a scrapbook page?
2)   How has scrapbooking changed since then (that you’ve noticed)?
3)   What made you decide to finally get back to it?
4)   What do you see as your biggest challenge?
5)   What motivated you to begin scrapbooking in the first place?
6)   Are you most inspired by new product, photos or a story to tell?
7)   What are your step by step plans to reintroduce scrapbooking to your life?
8)   Where do you scrapbook?
9)   Are you buying new products or using what you have?

I can't wait to hear their answers! Please comment and let me know any other questions I should ask!


Kimberly Kett said...

Great questions! I can't think of any to add but I'm looking forward to your results :) Being as I am one of those scrappers who fades in and out of scrapbooking.

emily said...

I completely relate to your post! I took almost 2 years off...between a family medical emergency and having a new baby I just wasn't motivated. But I'm excited to get into it to find the time to carve out for myslf again as I'm finding myself with some similar challenges...

Blessed Ladybug said...

Girl that comic stripe really blessed my soul this morning .. made me laugh out loud at my desk.... love your blog have a blessed day..

*Heather said...

I'm so there as well and trying to get back into it again! :)

Mary Jo said...

I think Facebook has kind of taken some of the fire out of blogs as well!
And I agree that too much product is overwhelming. It does keep me from scrapbooking at times.

LB whosthischick said...

I think with any hobby there are those who jump on the band wagon to try it out, but will probably not return as they find the next hobby that peaks their interest.

Staci said...

Excellent questions!

Fleursbydesign said...

Great questions, looking forward to hearing what they say :)

Barbara Eads said...

Tracie, I'm so glad you are getting back to your roots! With our last store closing, it seems like this great form of documenting our history will be lost to the ages. I've been so fearful that scrapbooking is dying. I've seen people all around me lose their zest for telling their stories. At times, I've felt that way too. That's why I keep my workshops going---it gives me purpose and a reason to continue on. Can't wait to see your pages and read your stories.

KnitterPam said...

I've noticed a lot of scrapbookers have turned to cardmaking because the time commitment is not as great. I think cards are a great way to experiment with all the new art techniques out there too. I still make pages - I'm a member of Club Scrap and they host a wonderful "competition" called PSL - Pro Scrappers League that helps spur me to make pages. They also host the Weekly Chronicles, which is a fab way of doing something similar to 365/Page a Day-type albums. I often use their Assembly Line Scrapbooking method which shortens my scrapping time.

KnitterPam said...

I know I've blabbed a bunch already - but my creative juices have really been on fire with Pinterest. I'm on there far too often, but it makes me want to take out EVERYTHING in my craft room and go to town!