Tuesday, January 08, 2013

my new favorite: stamping

I have a new obsession....stamping!
I've always owned a large collection of stamps - both wood mounted and acrylic.
But even though I loved stamps and enjoyed purchasing them....I barely used them.
I tried a few times to get the hang of stamping but didn't really understand the different inks or how to get a crisp image.

The best thing that came from my teaching at Michaels was a confidence in my ability to stamp.
Most of my classes centered around stamping so classroom supplies could be shared.
I also learned all about the types of inks out there and which ones work best for which stamps.
While teaching there, I began to see that I really could get the hang of stamping!

Recently, while prepping my Christmas cards class, I stamped so many images so many times that it became second nature.
Now I feel pretty confident in my stamping abilities and I'm quite proud of myself for it!

Today, I stamped a sentiment repeatedly for a class I'm prepping and I got a crisp image each time. It still kind of shocks me!

For me, getting a great stamped image involves:
a) choosing the right ink
b) stamping a test image to determine the pressure needed
c) stamping on a piece of paper that is easily replaceable - i.e.: not directly on the card
d) inking the stamp very well
e) applying even but firm pressure

So is stamping something you'd like to hear more about?
Do you stamp on a regular basis? If you don't, what holds you back from really getting into stamping?

Let me know! I'm thinking of doing a video or two to share my newfound love of stamping!


Madeline said...

Stamping is something I need to reteach myself almost every time I go to do it! lol

and I almost NEVER stamp directly on a page. Too many oopsies.

Stamping is something I wish I were more adapt at doing.

Christina Collins said...

I'll have to try a few of your tips. I am HORRIBLE at stamping.

Unknown said...

I'm jealous, I still have not been able to figure it out so much. I'd love to hear more tips from you!

Unknown said...

I've given a lot of my stamps to mom. She has the patience for it. But, we do share :-)

I think I was so discouraged because I never got that crisp image I wanted. Do share ..... inquiring minds want to know!

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I love stamping. It is kinda a hit or miss for me still so I never stamp directly on a card.

laurab said...

I like to use stamps in my scrapbooking, but I could never stick with card making. Good Luck.

Jann Gray said...

Great tips Tracie! Yes, I LOVE stamping and find that the things you shared are the key elements to having confidence in getting a good image. I also would add using a cheap mouse pad under my paper is the best "stamp accessory" I have ever purchased...I keep a stack of them to take to classes with me because I would be nervous without them.

I was so very inspired by your Christmas Card class - and all the cool ways you incorporated stamping - I think it would be a GREAT series of blog posts if you covered some of those ideas and your design guidelines when using stamps on cards...you are BRILLIANT I tell you....BRILLIANT!

Amy said...

Love the stamping tips! I love a stamping on my layouts and mini albums!

Shari said...

I love learning more about stamping!