Thursday, January 31, 2013

organizing my little lovies

Tonight I got a wild hair and decided to get out my bins of tiny embellishments and sort them by color.
My husband walked in the room and I exclaimed with a giddy grin, "I'm organizing!!"
He was unfazed by my enthusiasm. He knows I find strange joy in my neurotic urges.

As I emptied each container which previously held like items...all brads together, all KI Memories icicle shapes (swoon!), all shaped buttons.....I had the time of my life rediscovering all my little lovies!!

Why haven't I used these awesome little dudes?
Because I don't remember to use things that aren't sorted by color!

All my paper is sorted by color - my paper embellishments too....this was the last of the holdouts.

I found loads of little metal thingamabobs, stick pins, gel pieces I just had to have.
I loved rediscovering each little trinket.
I made a pile for every color and sorted each tiny bit.

Inspired by something Stacy Julian once said, even holiday items, once grouped together, went into the color Christmas goodies will be found when I make a red page, same for orange pumpkins and black bats. Fall items went into the brown or orange pile. It makes sense to me!

So I sorted away and it was all fun and games until I got to the pile of brads and rhinestones. 
Wow. My eyes are still uncrossing.

One episode of CSI: and one episode of Biggest Loser later and I'm almost done!

In an effort to purge, and a monumental stroke of laziness, I decided to bag up and get rid of some tiny, colorful items...
I'm thinking of joining a scrapbook yard sale soon and someone may enjoy owning these.
I remember when those tiny, tiny buttons were my favorite thing ever! Now they are just "meh."
Queen & Co. sequins? I never used you. Goodbye! Now rhinestones....rhinestones I still love and what project doesn't need a little sparkle?

I hope you're having a crafty week!
I've been away from my blog this week because I made 16 mini-albums for my last class ever at my LSS which is closing today.
I'm going to finish embellishing and adding my pics and I'll share it soon. Promise.

Stay crafty my friends. Stay crafty.


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

So pretty and such a great way to organize!

Crystal Schneider said...

Wow it looks great but what a huge job.

Unknown said...

I LOVE organizing little embellishments like this. I do the same concept with my wood veneers, love them!

Madeline said...

Great organizing! But those tiny buttons are awesome...and in such vibrant colors. How can you be so over them?! lol

LB whosthischick said...

Great idea. But I think I am more comfortable with like items, but maybe I wouldn't forget to use some if they we grouped by color

KnitterPam said...

Are you going to the sale at the Concord Rd church? I'll be there too!