Monday, February 04, 2013

Valentine Inspiration from Guest Designer: Sarah Devendorf

One of my favorite friends graciously agreed to be a guest designer on my blog after I begged her to let me show some of her beautiful Valentines!
Sarah Devendorf and I met many years ago at a scrapbook store in Kentucky and have stayed in touch through the years.
I have always loved her elegant style and superb design choices and I'm tickled to share her work here!

Here's the first of 3 cards she is sharing with us. Perfection! Love it!

We did a quick interview so you can get to know her a little. I really enjoyed reading her answers and hope you will too:

How long have you been papercrafting?
Playing with paper and words has always been part of my crafty life. When I was 7, I taught myself to type using my mom's old, manual Olympic typewriter so I could type up family newsletters. I progressed to cutting out clip art from magazines and books and gluing up bits and pieces to make cards and letters, using a copier and rubber cement. Fast forward to high school, where I worked diligently on my school's yearbook for three years. Scrapbooking as we know it came around when I was 24, and I jumped in with both feet, despite living in Mississippi, aka scrapbooking "no man's land." There's something very satisfying about creating with paper and punches and bits of ribbon and stitches and stamped images and well, you get the picture.
Have you always made cards?
On and off. I was a scrapbooker first and sometimes card-making has seemed a little perfunctory. I have said "I have all the right tools and gadgets, therefore I should make all my cards" but it hasn't always been what I felt was an inspired activity.
 It really became something I enjoy about two years ago. I found some card-making websites that featured the clean and simple design style that I find so appealing and it was like coming alive to something new. I view handmade cards as small pieces of art. They are succinct--they have a clear message--they can be completed in a rather timely fashion and they spread happiness to others.

Do you make scrapbook pages too?
Yes, scrapbooking is my first love.

Which do you make more of - cards or pages? Why?
Almost a year ago, I broke my knee in an accident. I had reconstructive surgery and a long rehabilitation process. For several months, my crafty workspace sat unused. I hated it but I just didn't have the energy or mental capacity to create anything. Physically getting to my space was a challenge and then, because it's a pretty big space, I needed to move around to be able to craft at all.
After a fitful and particularly unsuccessful attempt to do something crafty in my space, my sweet husband said "why don't we pack up a few things and make you a mini-workspace in the living room?" He helped me collect the necessities and a few fun things and set me up on a table that I could get to easily and leave up all the time. That was my saving grace! After months of languishing creatively, I started the journey back by making cards, working mostly in ten minute increments, mostly because it felt like something I could actually achieve and finish. It was still exhausting (everything was exhausting) but it was also a sign that I hadn't lost my crafty touch.
I've spent the last few months making cards furiously, but have no doubt that eventually, I will get back to scrapbooking. The mobility issues are pretty much handled, so I'm back down in my crafty space and I enjoy it immensely.

Give us a short list of who you give Valentine's to.Joal (my sweetheart for 21 years) and my sister, Deb. I try to make cards for them that are tailored just for each of them. I also make bunches of cards for the teachers at my son's school--I make cards for them to share with others.
Where do you find inspiration for card-making?
I read quite a few blogs and paper crafting magazines...I also find the greeting card aisles at Target and the grocery store very inspirational. I've been known to surreptitiously snap a picture or two of card designs that I want to recreate.

What is one of your current creative goals?Just to have fun. I find creative things fun and therapeutic but I don't sweat it...I teach a class occasionally, and I make it a point to tell my card-makers "don't overthink--it's just paper and we have plenty."
Here is another of her wonderful designs to inspire you:
To see more of Sarah's work, visit her blog at!
She has even more fabulous Valentines posted to inspire you! Rock on!

Thank you Sarah, for contributing your talents to my blog!! I really appreciate it!

Stay crafty my friends - back soon with more Valentiney goodness.


Lisa said...

Beautiful cards! I love the black/white/red stark color combo. It really pops. TFS

Christina Collins said...

GORGEOUS! I love the last one. The tree idea is adorable!

LB whosthischick said...

Your cards are adorable. I love Valentine cards

Staci said...

What gorgeous cards! TFS.

Fleursbydesign said...

Great cards, love the hearts with the tree