Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Valentine's Day Card Series: Card 2

Hey there! Ready for more Valentine inspiration?
Here's a card I made last year for a Valentine or love birthday.
(My sweetheart's birthday is actually on Valentine's Day! I think that's why he's so sweet.)

I used Basic Grey's "Kissing Booth." Love that line!
Here's the card...
Inside it says....
I cut the hearts apart from this piece of paper...
I'm not a big fan of fussy cutting but it was pretty easy!
I have been on a big organizing kick lately and while cleaning out a cabinet, I ran across a mini album I started with this same line. I think I came home from the class I made this card in and felt inspired so I sat down the next day and made part of a mini. I found where I sketched it all out and everything! It's going to be about my sister and me and how we are alike and how we are different. Evidently, I put it in the cabinet and forgot all about it! :) So I'm going to try and finish it this month, while I'm in the mood for hearts and pink.
Here's the pile I found....
I've already punched holes and everything! I have almost no memory of doing this. I remember buying a pack of embellishments and finding that cute title and loving the papers so now I need to finish it by scrounging up some old pictures of my sweet sister and me as children. Way back in the old days!
I'll be back soon with a new card. Have you started your Valentine's yet?
Stay crafty my friends!!


Jann Gray said...

Cute card....that is one of my favorite valentined theme papers ever! You so have to finish that mini...what a treasure! I do that too though...I am super inspired for something - and then I have a project I HAVE to get done...and by the time all of that gets cleaned up - I have forgotten the project I was so jazzed about to begin with!

Ha...I am such an ADD scrapper!

Glad you are feeling a little better...praying for a return to health!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!! I *love* this! Just call us the mutual admiration society!! :)

Sharon Harris said...

Love the card. I'm going to look for that paper. I hope it is still around. You made me hoot right out loud about finding the album project while cleaning. Oh, that soooo happens to me. Good luck with your project. Sounds wonderful.