Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Card Series: Card 4

I've got more Valentine inspiration for you every day this week, until Thursday.
I'm guessing some of you still haven't made your Valentines yet - am I right?

Something wonderful has happened around here.
Now that I'm no longer teaching locally, I find myself experiencing a new freedom while creating.
I don't have to worry if something can be easily duplicated or try to find multiples of it.
I can just grab anything I love in my stash and mix it together and create.
I've been having tons of fun and I'm enjoying using up all my little goodies!!!

So still working my way through that 6x6 paper pad.....I found a few more sheets to put together:
One of my goals right now is to use my HUGE stash of letter stickers.
These are a fairly recent purchase and in the past, I would have saved them until I was tired of them but no more. I am using it all!

I lined up the word "hearts" using a metal ruler:
Then I decided to mix it up and made the rest of the letter stickers a bit nilly-willy for fun!
Here's the card!...
You can see a bit of tan at the top of the pattern on the right (above).
That's because the sheets in the paper pad all have tan at the top so I decided to leave it there instead of trimming it off.
Then I just added a couple more patterns, a brown border sticker and a few fun embellies.
My new favorite thing is making the inside pretty so I picked a coordinating paper, stamped it and popped it in...
So that's the second of three cards I've made from the paper pad and I plan to make at least one more.
I loves me some 6x6 paper pads. :)
Hope you enjoyed this one! Stay crafty my friends!


Jennifer Grace said...

Very pretty, I love the gems on the left! x

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

So sweet! Love your fun sentiment!

Lilith Eeckels said...

This is a gorgeous card!!!

Lisa said...

Very pretty card. I love that you made the inside pretty. Just adds that something extra to the whole project. :)

Barbara said...

gorgeous. This line is perfect for it.

byondbzr said...

wow gorgeous card!

Christina Collins said...

So beautiful!

Danielle said...

Love that you incorporated the paper's design into your card!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!! Love that bird! xo Evie

Madeline said...

Ooooo...this is gorgeous! Love the little bird!