Monday, March 11, 2013

organizing themed embellishments

So now you know how I organize cardstock, embellishments and my patterned paper.
Before you start thinking I am 100% on top of things - I want to share the rest of my stash.
Because the rest, I must admit, is either really organized or a hot mess. I'm working on the hot mess parts!

For starters, all my themed embellishments are really organized in these great plastic pockets. I have them in this drawer:
So in one pocket, I have my Halloween embellishments...
(in a Cropper Hopper "Page Planner" file)
and behind it in the drawer, sits a plastic holder full of my Halloween (and fall) paper.
The files I use for my themed paper are skinny and more flexible than some. Cheap too.
Some of them are the kind with the little drawstring that wraps around a button but I pull that part off.
same for the other's one side that is Patriotic and Vacation/Outings (separate pockets)....
(in a Cropper Hopper "Sticker Envelope" file - I like this best)
the other side is Summer....
followed by the Patriotic paper file, then Travel paper file, etc....
So all that's really organized.
Now here's something that's a hot mess.
I have these two silver boxes full of things that don't go in any other category.
Memorabilia or little boxes of things I don't want to break up. Miscellaneous. Hot mess! I must tame this!!

My chipboard has been divided into bags and is in this basket. It's really organized.

My letter stickers are in this bin and they are really organized (by color):

My thickers are in this shallow drawer and it barely closes. They need a purge.
They're in between really organized and a hot mess. It's hard to purge Thickers!!

My stamps are a hot mess! I have a huge binder full of acrylic stamps and this basket that I have so many crammed in, it barely slides into its spot. I need a new system for these stamps that looks something like how I have my sticker letters. Gotta find room first.

My paints/mists, etc. are really organized in this bin with foam stamps underneath. I rarely use messy supplies like this so that's why the stash is so small.

The other cubes with doors hold these type of files which I LOVE and buy every time I'm at Hobby Lobby. They are sturdy and have a handle and fit perfectly into my cubes. This cube's organized....
 but this one's a HOT MESS!! All of these are UNFINISHED PROJECTS! Aaack!
My goal is to put each of these projects in the sturdy files I love.

And last but not punches which are more a hot mess than really organized. :)

So all the purging has lead me to this puny little pile of stuff. (About 2" of paper.) I'm still at it though!

I plan to host my own scrapbook yard sale in April. Working on the details now!

So thanks for joining me for a little Spring Clean action.
This coming week, I'm super excited to share my interviews with scrappers who gave up our hobby for quite a while and have successfully started back up again!

Don't miss it!


Erin said...

Thanks for posting your organizational adventures! I desperately need to get myself organized... but truthfully, I would rather be making something. :)

angie gutshall said...

Loves seeing different organizational ideas!

Tammy said...

Great organizing ideas. I am the same way - some things are very organized, others could use some help. While I don't like searching for something in there, I almost have to have a "catch-all" place where I can put things until I figure out a better place. :)

Madeline said...

Enjoyed seeing how you organized it all!

Fleursbydesign said...

You are way more organized than me, thanks for showing your space :)

Christi said...

I love seeing how other people organize.

I just started putting my acrylic stamps in clear pockets from Avery Elle. This is especially great for sets with a matching die. I cut out some white cardstock and keep it in the pocket with the stamps ready for a card.

Unknown said...

Would love to be able to clean out my craft room. I've spent a lifetime trying to figure out my blasted computer!

Anonymous said...

Youv'e been busy! It is fun seeing all your scrappy goodies!! xo Evie

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha ha, I love the 'hot mess' areas, I have a lot of those! x

LB whosthischick said...

Just terrific.

Crystal Schneider said...

Love to see how other people organize there supplies. Everything looks great.