Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the walk

In 2011, I started walking every day down a beautiful trail here in town.
It's a very pleasant place to walk with a creek running through the path as it winds around the greenway.
I love to hear the birds sing and feel the sun on my face.
I did so well walking almost every day that I lost about 20 pounds - the most weight I had lost in 20 years.
I was feeling great, happy, happy, happy. Buying clothes a size smaller. Energetic. Healthier than ever.
I was making progress on being the best me.

My main goal in starting to walk was that we were going to Disney World and I knew I would never make it if I didn't shape up.
So after many months of walking, we did go to Disney World and I did have lots more energy than our first trip there.
That year, I was so faithful, I even walked when it was about 30 degrees outside and I walked one day at 8 am when it was 90!!

Somehow after Disney World, I lost my motivation.
During 2012, I was hit or miss. Some weeks I walked a lot and some I walked none.
The less I walked - the worse I felt!!!
Which brings me to now. I've been waiting for the weather to be warm because I have to get back to walking!!
I am a different me when I walk every day. It affects every part of my life. 

I had heard my entire life that exercise releases endorphins that make you happy but I found out myself - I am my happiest when I walk every day.
I hum while I do laundry. I feel bubbly inside.
I'm a really happy person anyway but when I walk - there's a huge difference in my mood and energy level.

A few days ago - it was finally warm and my sister and I hit the trail!
The next couple of days, I felt my old happiness again! I was standing in the kitchen two days after the walk and I thought, "Why am I so happy right now?"
It was the walk!!
The last few days I have walked a lot running errands, shopping, getting ready for something this week but I haven't walked on the trail and it's not the same.

The temps are in the low 40's for a high this week until Saturday when it will be 57 so you better believe I will be on that trail Saturday!!
It's only a mile and a half from my house so I really have no excuse for not walking except once you get out of the habit - it's so hard to get back into it!

But the year is still new - every day is a fresh start and I'm determined to make this my best year yet!

Who is with me?


Fleursbydesign said...

I am trying to walk more this year too, good luck with your goals :)

doris sander said...

i agree! i'm so anxious to get back in the walking routine! hurry up spring hurry up!

Tanya Ham said...

I am right there with you!! Before I met my husband, I was sort of turning into a fitness/gym rat, watching everything I ate and working out twice a day most of the week. I've gained 75lbs over the last 9 years, and hate it. I finally made the decision that it was OK to take care of ME this year. Well, this year hasn't helped - the weather has been bad, he had two back surgeries, our dog died - so much "stuff" going on that has kept me from my goal. Last week I started back at the gym and felt great again, but had to go in for some dental work that has derailed me once again. This morning was a turning point for me, a fork in the road. Do I go to the treadmill, or stay? The pain in my knee made me stay here, but I did some arm exercises with my small dumbbells and didn't feel like such a slug, LOL. Baby Steps! I'm looking forward to warmer weather and feeling good again! We can do it!!! I'm so glad you posted this, I don't feel as 'alone' now. Keep it up, and we can be inspiration for each other and many others!!! :D Have a great day!

Barbara Eads said...

You are so right about how hard it is to get back when you "fall off the wagon." I know that when I workout first thing in the a.m. I feel better for the rest of the day. But when I have to do it later in the day, it ruins my day having it hang over my head. I need to get back in to the habit too. Instead, I'm here reading blogs!

Briana Johnson said...

Good for you, Tracie! I've gotta do something too. I lost tons of weight back in 2008-2010, such a super faithful walker and then I got so burned out. I just flat out quit and gained all my weight back. I told Adam I wanted us to get bikes and start biking, something the little kids will want to do with us. I agree, I am so excited about the warmer weather. I always walked on the treadmill before and I think that's part of the reason I got so burned out. I was tired of staring at the wall while I walked, lol.