Friday, April 12, 2013

favorite Project Life tidbits

This week I'm working on my Project Life spread for February.
Sometimes I run across an issue with how to do something and I look online to find inspiration.

For instance - do other people who round the corners of the items in each pocket, also round the corners of larger inserts they add in?
I'm putting in a 5x7 insert and a 6x12 but I don't want to round those corners.
The answer? Some do and some don't. Whew. So no one will call the PL police if I don't. :)
(Kidding, people!!)

As I was looking online - I thought, "Hmm...I think I'll share some of these inspiring pages I want to remember."
I know - that's what Pinterest is for. But it makes for some scrappy blog goodness too.

I want to remember....

Ali Edward's idea to take a pic of something with a label "his" and "hers." Also, I would love a pic of my husband playing the guitar like this.
Ali's use of white space with sticker letters (bottom right pic). I don't know if she intentionally left that white space when she took the picture but I can! :)
Amanda Caves' idea of putting her child's art work in, in place of a 4x6 picture....

Teresa Victor's spread that features one coordinating line of paper/embellishments. I decided to use a specific set of cut apart cards this month so I just made it work with my pictures. I like the overall look of this a lot!
Briana Johnson's clever use of patterned paper at the top of the photo, with a strip of solid. I'm stealing that idea since my pictures came back a wee bit too small this month. 
Geralyn Sy's "On My Wish List" idea - love that!!

Here's my work in progress! Hopefully I can share the finished spread Monday.
I'm enjoying Project Life so much!!
Have a great weekend crafty people!


Katherine said...

I have PL ready to go....but have been a little intimidated by it, but all that scrappy goodness makes me want to dig it all out....and yours is looking fab, can't wait to see it.

Katherine said...
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Unknown said...

Wait a second... that's way too neat of a scrapdesk. What the heck! LOL

Arlene said...

Your pages are beautiful!

Tanya Ham said...

Great inspiration!! Thank you for posting these links, too! :)

doris sander said...

fun times!

Fleursbydesign said...

Low the ideas, TFS

Michelle McClure said...

You can do it, your inspiration projects are great and I know yours will be too!

Jennifer Grace said...

Lots of cool spreads here, I love the alphas on the white space, and the spread using co-ordinating journal cards. Thanks for sharing! x