Wednesday, August 21, 2013

80's Scrapbook Redo

I've embarked on a huge organizing project this summer and one treasure I came across while cleaning was my scrapbook from the 80's.
It has been in a plastic bag, in my closet for 16 years since we built our house in 1997.
Every once in a while, I've taken it out and glanced through it but when I came across it again, I realized I had never looked carefully at it since I've called myself a scrapbooker (2001).

If I had truly looked at it, I would have realized that I've been a scrapbooker since 1983!
Not only did I paste memorabilia into this album all through the 80's, but I even took out my Mom's typewriter and typed little strips of journaling!
It's like I had never noticed the journaling until now. Strange how we can see things and not really see them.
So with my home organizing behind me, I'm ready to embark on a new project...organizing my pictures and memorabilia.
Just saying that out loud makes me want to take a deep breath but it IS going to be my next project.

First up, I need to get the memorabilia out of this album and into a safe environment.
I have random photos from the same timeframe (1983-1989) and never really knew how to tell the story of the photos.
How do you tell the story of your teen years with a handful of photos from a bad camera?
Putting them together with the memorabilia will tell a more complete story and spark my memory for details.

Photos + memorabilia = memories carefully preserved. Yay!

Here's my 80's scrapbook - complete with very acidic construction paper pages!
There are some large pieces of memorabilia from my school years - namely these charts for each grade from my Christian school...
I also found a ticket to Walt Disney World that shows I was there on my 14th birthday. I had NO CLUE.
I think I do have some pictures from around that time, at Disney World. Horrible quality.
But I honestly had no memory of being there on my birthday. I so wish I could remember that.
This scrapbook is very large so I wanted something comparable to transfer it all to, with pages large enough for the 8.5x11 items.
I considered something like Project Life, in divided pockets but really, I'm already doing Project Life so I didn't want to start another version.
I've always loved Smash books and own two that I've never filled.

I saw a large Smash book at Michaels and decided it was the perfect vehicle for my 80's years.
It's called Smash Pocket Pages and only comes in one color - purple.
I used a coupon and got it at Hobby Lobby. Score!

I always like to see inside books like this so I thought I'd share what the inside looks like...

  This "la-de-da" part cracks me up. 

Isn't it DELIGHTFUL??????
I love the mix of patterns and the pages all seem pretty easy to work with (except that page with the huge scissors because I have a fear of scissors after seeing the movie, "Dead Again" and I will be covering that with another paper!).

If you've made it this far into this blog post, first, bless you, second, I have a question for you!
How would you organize this project?

The organized part of me says do it a few pages at a time....
By year? I thought of doing monthly tabs with 1983, 1984, etc.
By season? All school memorabilia and photos together? All summer camp together? All vacation items together?
By age?

The designer in me says those pages are so randomly placed in the album that it might be hard to work with and maybe I should consider a different type of album.
But just a big 12x12 album sure won't be as fun when it's completed.
What about the fact that one spread has travel themed paper. Seems like I should use that to document Disney World but if I do it by year, I can't!

If I could take the Smash book apart and move the pages around - I could make it work better.
But I already attempted that with one of my Smash books and the result was disastrous!!
I will not be doing that on this $20 album.

Part of me doesn't even want to put those boring goal charts in here and the other part of me thinks that's why I bought this!
As I'm writing this - I am thinking maybe I will scan those and put them all in one section.

I'm stumped! Please help!
I really want to start this soon. If I organize it by year, it makes the most sense to me and I guess I need to accept that this is going to be a hodge-podge of memories, grouped according to what I have on hand, not how life really happened.

I have a horrible memory (long story but it's freaky how little I remember of my life) and my sister can help me fill in some details but should I try to truly tell my story or just tell the stories that relate to the memorabilia and pics I have?

I'm wondering if it will even all fit into this album!

I have some important life memories represented here and some frivolous ones....
So how do you think I should organize it? Opinions needed! Thanks in advance!


Elise said...

What a great project to undertake! I'm sure once you get going, more memories will come to light. I'd do it by year and honestly, if I'd bought 2 Smash albums, but didn't fill them, a larger (though cute) album probably wouldn't be the way I'd go. As fun as it looks, it is too all over the place for me. I don't think there would be anything wrong with doing it PL style and I'm curious why you think it wouldn't be fun in a 3-ring album.
Have fun with your project, I'm sure you'll be glad you took it on in the end!

Lisa Dickinson said...

this looks like fun! and i think you are on the right track with the Samsh book - it's perfect for this mix of miscellaneous items. I'd organize it chronologically by year, but within each year divider I'd just put stuff as it fits on the page. And if things are too big to fit on the Smash pages (like maybe that certificate??) I'd just snap a photo and use that instead!

Have fun - can't wait to see the results!

Barbara Eads said...

Since your old scrapbook is chronological, I'd go with that. When you get to a page that doesn't exactly work (like the map) just cut it out of the book. Then you can put that page over something else whenever it is appropriate. I wouldn't let the style of the page stop me. You could always add your own paper over the top of anything that doesn't work. Make it easy on yourself and just follow the pages as you have in your scrapbook. Don't re-invent the wheel! Plus, it will be a lot faster if you don't over-think it.

Dictionary said...

I too think chronologically would be your best bet and ITA the smash book would be a fun transition or you could do 8.5 x 11 PL style album as well.

Madeline said...

I'd do it chronologically; that just makes the most sense for my brain. Looks like it will be a lot of fun to put together with the smash book!

D's Paper Studio said...

Great project to do. With all the things you listed that might be problematic, I would do it the "hodge podge" way. Just label the page with the year you believe it to be for future generations. But you have to do this the way that makes you feel the most creative.

Jen Mc said...

I keep saying one of these days I'll re-do my scrapbooks from high school. I love yours - you did a beautiful job!

Unknown said...

That's quite a project, and I agree with doing it by year. Can't wait to see it done!

Amy said...

Wow! THe smashbook is a great idea, and like the others I would do it by year. I look forward to seeing the finished project!