Thursday, August 15, 2013

How was your summer?

I had to take a blogging break this summer! I've been a busy, busy bee!

Work has been busier than ever (working for my Pastors) and Caroline and I have been running around and enjoying summer fun.
No complaints!

I don't scrap much in the summer - it's just too pretty to sit still but I did get a lot of organizing done!
In the last three weeks - I've cleaned out every drawer and closet in our house!

I had a huge garage sale that was basically a flop. I made $192 total and I still have about $1,000 worth of scrapbook stuff to sell.
I might be posting some of it here soon.

I got my work to-do list caught up and everything clean and organized in my house and then I felt a huge burst of creativity!
With nothing weighing my mind down, I am now free to just sit and play.
I've been crafting every day and I finally finished my February Project Life spread.

In April, I put the pictures in the slots, even filled in with the PL cards but it still needed journaling and embellishing.
I finally sat down and did it this week.
I already have March and April mostly completed so I'll be posting those soon!

Here we go....Project Life Monthly - February 2013. Hope you like it!

Because I can't fit everything from one month into two pages - I use inserts. I love the inserts!
Here's I have a 5x7 insert with back to back enlargements....(pic of Mike and Caroline):

You can see on the right, above, I made a 6x12 layout with pictures from a gig I did and then backed it with another 6x12 with more pics...
I added another 5x7 insert with my Valentine from Mike and backed it with a little layout featuring Caroline and one of her VDay gifts...
I really love how using one collection pulls the entire spread together.
I did pull in lots of other companies but I stuck mainly with this collection - Today's Story by Echo Park...
I really enjoyed putting this together!
I'm going to make a video or pictures to share my Project Life process but first I want to finish the spreads I have started and get closer to the month we're in! :)

Hope you had a great summer and sorry I've been MIA around here!
Stay crafty my friends!


Elise said...

great PL pages, really like how your simple embellishing doesn't detract from your photos and journaling!

D's Paper Studio said...

This is very neat, not busy. I really like it. It's something I would sit down and read.

angie gutshall said...

Really love your PL page!

Tracie Marie said...

Great PL pages!! I need to get on the PL train!!