Sunday, January 26, 2014

it's just barely possible I need an intervention

I really had no clue what I wanted for Christmas since I buy myself all the little things I want so I asked for cash and gift cards.
The Friday after Christmas, my sister, my daughter and I headed to Opry Mills for a little shopping.
First place we hit? Vera Bradley Outlet.

The sign said...
Oh yes it did.

I had a couple hundred dollar bills from Christmas in my purse so I decided to splurge and spend one of them!
Everything was half off retail and the clearance was half off the clearance price + 20% more off! That's where I hit gold.
After about an hour, this was me...
I ended up getting three purses, a pencil pouch, three wallets and a messenger bag!

Flash forward to last week. My daughter and I dropped her Daddy off at the airport.
We pass by the same mall on the way home so I decided to switch one of the bags I got that was too small.
I walk in and the sign says...

60% off everything in store!

I was like, "Crap!!!!" 'Cause it was payday and I had money in my pocket. :)

So I switched the first bag and got another one just because it was too good to pass up.

Flash forward to this weekend. My sister had a birthday. Guess where she wanted to go for her birthday?

Yep. You guessed it. The Vera Bradley Outlet. She had a 20% off her whole purchase birthday coupon!
60% off + 20% off = Tracie's in trouble.

I started out by just picking up a couple phone cases which I really, truly needed because mine broke.
Then I decided I wanted a purse to match one of the cases. (That's just wrong - I know!)
Then I decided (much to my mother's amusement) that I couldn't live without a purse in clearance that my sister pointed out that was $11!

So here's my haul and heaven help me to stay away from that place until I get my birthday coupon in April!
(I promised my sister we'd go back then!)

The Messenger Bag - Retail $84 - Clearance Price $59.98 - 50% off $29.98 + 20% off - $17.99!!!
This is the bag I'm most excited about because my briefcase broke recently and my laptop fits perfectly in this!

Pocket Shoulder Bag - Expresso - Retail $80 - Clearance Price $54.98 - 50% off $27.49 + 20% - $16.49!

Hotsy Totsy Hobo - Retail $48 - Clearance Price $15.98! - 50% off $7.99 + 20% off - $4.79!!!!!!

Holiday Tote - Retail $42 - Clearance Price $29.98 - 50% off $14.99 + 20% off - $8.99!

Clutch Wallet - Retail $44 - Clearance Price $24.98 - 50% off + 20% off - $7.49 each!
 I have a bag that matches each of these.

A smaller wallet just because...Retail $26 - Clearance Price $14.98 - 50% + 20% off - $4.49!!!
Sheer madness, I tell ya.

And that was just the first trip! I was GIDDY. Now this week, I got...

Saddle Bag - Retail $80 - Sale Price $28! (I've been wanting this print forever.) + a phone case for $11!

Microfiber Saddle Bag (the sales girls said they never get this color in this pattern in the outlet - sold out online - score!)
Retail Price $84 - Sale Price $28!
I've decided this style of bag is my favorite Vera of all time. I can open it and see everything inside and because of the shape - it all stays organized and upright. Very flat inside plus tons of pockets inside and out! I love, love, love it! I can't trash this purse. I believe it will make me more organized!

I wanted another phone case so I got this one and then the case was so cute - I wanted the purse to match it!
Doesn't that phone case just scream "buy a purse to go with me?" (I heard it!) Purse was $22/case $11.

I was on my merry way to the register when my sister goes in the clearance section which I purposely was not looking in and says, "Did you see this? It's $11!" Dang-it-all-to-heck! No I didn't see that - HAND IT OVER!
Ironically, this might be my favorite one! I love the style! So roomy and the colors are delish. $11 people!

I could have spent a good $50 more for sure. I wanted an umbrella, a pen and pencil set and a keychain.

But you know sometimes, you just have to be frugal. ha-ha-ha!!!
My plan is to carry a purse a week until I rotate through them all and oh by the way, I need to add in the purse I bought last winter that I was saving for spring and then totally forgot about and it still has the tag on it. Ooops!

After all is said and done, I had an a-ha moment while writing this blog post.
I think Vera purses remind me of my beloved patterned paper! 

I just love a good pattern - don't you? You know you do!


Michelle said...

Oh Tracy, you are too funny!!! Yes, they are like patterned paper! :) Enjoy your new goodies.

Chelle said...

I think you did GREAT!!!!

Barbara Eads said...

Unbelievable deals!! I guess it's all picked over by now!

TracieClaiborne said...

Barbara - no it's not! Sale's on 'til February 2nd!

Tracy said...

Great finds :)
I really like the second last one, so bright and fun :)

Dictionary said...

OMG girl you weren't kidding you totally scored BIG!. I have a few items VB..just love the lunch bag I am using now, not to mention all the little bags I use for cosmetics..oh I could go on and on..Lucky you! I am sure you will enjoy your new goodies.

Unknown said...

Wow, you totally scored! Congrats on getting such great deals.

Madeline said...

Hahahaha! Great haul, but oh are going to need a closet just for purses!

Pam W. said...

That's awesome!!

craftykellyj said...

Ohmygosh! Those are steals! I'm totally in love with the photo of you in line. You totally have to scrap that!

Unknown said...

wow! I think i'm glad we don't have a vb around here. lol...

congrats on finding lots of bargains!

Fawn said...

You really scored some beautiful items and great bargains.

I don't usually buy patterned bags but those really inspire me to indulge!


Tiffany Lowder said...

The messenger bag is my fave! You lucky thing for snagging all those bargains -> I do NOT need to go look for myself... :)

Christi said...

I love that Espresso bag. I need to get down to our Vera Bradley outlet to use my 20% off coupon. Especially if they have some smaller solid styles. Most of the VB bags are just too big for me!