Thursday, January 02, 2014

One little word. Just one.

Are you a fan of Ali Edward's One Little Word movement?
I love living a life of purpose and living intentionally.
Being proactive and on the offense, instead of the defense.

One little word goes along great with that.
It is thought-provoking and challenges you to find a word to inspire your year.

So here I am....contemplating my word.

Some words I'm considering:

I need to find a better balance between work, play, creative time and chores. Right now, I'm too heavy on the internet/play side, chores and work which makes my creative time get shoved out of the way. Sometimes chores do too, if I'm keepin' it real. Especially laundry.

Everything in my life could benefit from me getting more and better (mo better) sleep every night. Everything. If I got up earlier, I'd have more time in the day. I would feel more rested. I would have a better immune system. I'm such a night owl, it will take consistent discipline on my part but I am requiring it of myself this year.

Of everything in my life, I find time to do my work, clean my house, watch my shows, chat with my friends but I rarely find time to create. If it were my OLW, maybe it would just be a daily reminder to fit it into my life.

Still pondering.

I'm reading the list of comments on Ali's blog looking for one that I love or I'll choose one above. Then I will have to find a way to make it front and center in my life.

Feel free to share ideas on how to do so!


Elise said...

Best wishes with selecting your word and putting it to work for you! Hoping 2014 is filled with many great things!

Emily Adams said...

I thought about "Balance" too - seems like you could balance your time and schedule time to do all the things you want to do - including creating! You could balance being on the internet too much by limiting it to 1 hr (or whatever) per evening, and 1 hr of creating!

My word is Elevate. I want to take things in my life to the next level in 2014!!

Fawn said...

Sleep is interesting and a very good idea. When my sleep is right, the world is a much better place.
Good luck in choosing your word and happy new year!

Linda said...

All great words. Mine is FOCUS -- which encompasses a lot of the things I home to accomplish in 2014.

Sherry C said...

So many great words, I can truly relate to all of them!